Guest Blogger: Sarah Milheim, Advancement & Communications Coordinator


While spending time in Lakeside, there are several services and amenities to take advantage of – a Laundromat, hair salon and culinary school, just to name a few.

The list below shares the details of these services and amenities.

  1. Lakeside Beauty Salon – This local salon offers Lakesiders a variety of services, including men, women and children’s cuts, coloring, highlights, perms, manicures, pedicures and facial waxing. Lakesiders can spend some time getting pampered while on vacation or try out a new look.
  1. Lakeside Laundromat – The Lakeside Laundromat is complete with Maytag equipment, air conditioning, complimentary Wi-Fi to patrons, free parking behind the building and drop-off wash and fold services. Other amenities include dry cleaning services, commercial laundry services and large capacity washers and dryers.
  1. Lorenzo’s Culinary School & Kitchen Shoppe – Lorenzo’s offers cooking classes for the home chef in an intimate and interactive setting. Classes are for all ages and all levels. Lakesiders can also find the latest in gourmet and kitchen supplies.
  1. Sypherd’s Cycles & Rental Center – This local Lakeside business rents golf carts, bikes, handicap scooters, wheelchairs, household and baby items to vacationers. The store also sells fishing tackle and worms. Visit Sypherd’s Cycles & Rental Center to get around and explore Lakeside.
  1. Free Parking – Free, three-hour, limited parking is available outside the Fifth Street Gate. There is also additional free, limited parking available at Danbury High School’s parking lot, until mid-August each summer. Please note that Lakeside doesn’t provide transportation from Danbury High School to the Lakeside grounds. Other parking lots are available in Lakeside, but require an Auto Pass.
  1. Shuttle Services – Lakeside Chautauqua provides a free golf cart shuttle or a handicap accessible bus to all Lakesiders. There is no need to call for a shuttle, simply go to one of the stops and catch a shuttle as it makes its rounds, every 15 minutes. All shuttles are marked with an orange flag. The route includes stops at the Lakeside Chautauqua Welcome Center, Campground, Shuffleboard Courts, Hoover Auditorium, Fountain Inn, Hotel Lakeside and the Fifth Street Gate. The shuttle service also stops at Chautauqua Park and the Second Street East Gate upon request. For more information about the Lakeside shuttles, read our blog post on the shuttles.
  1. Mack Mobile – The Mack Mobile provides door-to-door service for guests and residents who have limited-mobility issues. The Mack Mobile golf cart is available by phone; to reach the driver directly, call (419) 341-8247.

And last but not least…

  1. Complimentary Passes – There are six types of complimentary passes, including a Church Pass, Chaplain’s Hour Pass, Laundromat Pass, Orchestra Hall Movie Pass, Shopping/Dining Pass and a Walking Pass. Each of these passes allows Lakesiders to experience a unique part of Lakeside. Visit the Admission & Chautauqua Pass Schedule page for more information.

Have you taken advantage of any of these services and amenities? What is the best service or amenity offered in Lakeside? Tell us in the comments below.