Happy Fourth of July, Lakeside!

Happy Fourth of July, Lakeside!  We hope you have a great day celebrating and a happy holiday weekend.

Fourth of July

Celebrate the Fourth of July on The Front Porch. How are you celebrating the Fourth of July in Lakeside? What are you looking forward to today? Tell us in the comments below.

One thought on “Happy Fourth of July, Lakeside!”

  1. My husband had never been to Lakeside for the Fourth of July celebration and despite my description of it, he was blown away! This year’s parade was the best Lakeside Fourth of July parade I’ve ever seen and he was astonished! I’m still laughing about the “protest” of the Guy’s club, the Cherry Avenue Drum corps, the Walnut Wavers, and especially the 7 or 6 Trombones. What a great weekend! He’s already talking about next year…..

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