Why Chautauqua Staff is Grateful for Volunteers

Staff Blogger: Sarah Milheim, Advancement & Communications Coordinator


We_Love_Our_VolunteersAs the holiday season approaches, Lakeside Chautauqua staff would like to take a moment to thank and recognize the impact that volunteers make in the community and how they bring the Lakeside mission to life.

 Volunteering at Lakeside impacts the mission by allowing opportunities for Lakesiders to nurture relationships season after season and enrich the quality of life for all people. Volunteering to me can be described by two words directly from the mission ‘renewal’ and ‘growth.’ We have volunteers in the Advancement & Communications Department who give their skills to help edit the Lakesider, those who help raise funds to keep the experience going and those who offer their homes to make events a great success. I am thankful for volunteers because they are interacting directly with guests – sharing everything that Lakeside has to offer and the best ways to make most of a day in Lakeside. Volunteers donate their professional skills as they serve on boards and committees; they donate their time to beautify the community; and donate their treasures to make sure the community is around for the next generation. “  – Sarah Milheim, Advancement & Communications Coordinator

“Volunteers evoke the spirit of unity. They provide social impact as ambassadors of the Lakeside mission, and their work is at the heart of community building. Volunteers come in all ages – from the child who delivers a message to someone down the sidewalk to the adult who drives a package to the other end of the campus – they are equally important in conducting the flow of our exceedingly complex summer operations. Volunteers are reminders that human dignity and togetherness are powerful building blocks.”   Ann Miller, Administration Front Desk Manager

“Volunteering impacts the mission by providing a way for people to give back to a community they care so much about. I’m thankful for Lakeside volunteers because, without their dedication and help, countless events would not be successful without them. They provide support to the staff by volunteering at events or for a few hours in the off-season. A volunteer’s biggest impact is made on the next generation. By donating their time, they teach younger generations the importance of giving back to a community they care so much about.”  Melissa Kunz, Content Manager

We’d love to hear from you. What is your favorite part about volunteering at Lakeside? Why are you thankful for volunteers?  Tell us in the comments below.

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