A Walk Down the Second Block of Lynn Avenue

Guest Blogger: Rebecca Smith, Lakeside Chautauqua Homeowner


Next time you’re at Lakeside, take a walk down the second block of Lynn Avenue.

While you’re there, you’ll experience a neighborhood where generations of Lakesiders have lived the traditions of generosity, love of family and neighborly goodwill.

Here, there are families planning, giving and reaching out. These families demonstrate their commitment to Lakeside and to each other. It’s repeated across the Lakeside grounds, and Lynn Avenue is a great example. In these 11 cottages, live decades of happy relationships.

My father-in-law, Bob Smith, will be sitting on his front porch swing with his children, grandchildren or great-grandchildren. His two sons, Steve and Dave, live adjacent north and south; my mother Elsie is next door on the corner of Lynn Avenue and Third Street.

Across the street, Bob’s niece, Sarah, and her family set the standard for beautiful Lakeside painted rocks, along with neighbors, Betsy and Tim, down the block. Then there’s Frank Floding, his sister, Gyll, and his nieces across the street, also big porch dwellers.

On the corner lives the Steele family with four generations under one roof. Their matriarch, Isabel, recently celebrated her “90 something” birthday with the block, offering cake and ice cream on their porch.

The Snows and the Karls at the corners have three generations of Lakesiders, and their gardens are the envy of the block.

Each family has found our path to love and serve Lakeside. Through volunteerism, board service, grounds beautification, humane care of the wildlife and summer employment, our hope finds its legs to protect Lakeside’s prosperity for future generations.

As you walk the grounds and visit on cottage porches, how can your inspiration and commitment to Lakeside take flight? Come see us on Lynn Avenue, we’ll be on the porch.

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