Lakeside would not be the same without_____________.

We posted on Facebook and Twitter, “Lakeside would not be the same without_____________.” Here are some of the comments from the community:

• Family and friends
• Summer
• Ice Cream, Patio donuts, and Sloppy’s
• Its history
• Midnight walks on the dock and sunsets
• Lake Erie
• Entertainment, Rhein Center and unique cottages that tug at my heart every year
• Mayflies
• God
• Shuffleboard
• Hoover Auditorium
• A good Nor’easter

Now it’s your turn to fill in the blank: what do you think Lakeside wouldn’t be the same without? Tell us in the comment below.

5 thoughts on “Lakeside would not be the same without_____________.

  1. Without the gate fees the Lakeside community would be nothing more than just a neighborhood

  2. Lakeside wouldn’t be the same without Godsquad, the youth and their ministries through their visits/camps, and the morning chapels by the visiting chaplains. I enjoyed “stepping away” from the hubbub of life when I walked into the morning chaplain hours and, also, when I passed by the Vespers’ singing and teaching at the Gazebo. The “thinness” of the Lakeside community makes it rewarding to see life and faith work beautifully together. It was very inspiring, strengthening The Hope within me.

  3. In addition to the Spiritual gift of visiting chaplains and their morning chapels, the recreation in Lakeside builds Joy, family-fun, and a neighborhood or community. This recreation is in the “SUPERVISED” playground, the visiting craft shows, the boat shows, the Ice-cream social, the entertainment in Hoover and at the Gazebo, and the movie theater. Also, Lakeside wouldn’t be the same without Marilyns’, a bookstore, Artists and Cahoots, and the visiting farmers’ markets’.

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