2016 Lakeside Chautauqua Education Programs

Staff Blogger: Jeanne Mauriocourt, Director of Educational Programs

William KelsoEleven weeks of educational programs on a myriad of topics are planned for the 2016 Chautauqua season.

Lakeside Chautauqua is very pleased to welcome William Kelso, PhD, renowned historical archeologist and Director of Research & Interpretation at Historic Jamestown as the Hoover lecturer on Monday, July 25.

Dr. Kelso will share the findings of his work in uncovering Fort James, the first permanent settlement in the New World, previously thought lost, in his lecture titled ‘Jamestown, the Buried Truth about America’s Birthplace.’

The first theme of the Chautauqua Lecture Series is ‘Water & the Environment: What’s Security Got to Do with It?’ (June 20-21), with four lectures presented by Geoffrey D. Dabelko, PhD, Professor and Director of the Environmental Studies Program at the George V. Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs at Ohio University. He will speak about his research on international environmental pathways to confidence building and peacemaking, with special emphasis on freshwater resource management

CubaThe theme for Week 2 of the season is ‘Cuba: Past, Present & Future…’ (June 27-30). Historical, political and cultural aspects of this country will be explored by individuals such as Joseph Mas, Ohio attorney and Cuban native, and Joanna Swanger, PhD, Associate Professor of Peace & Global Studies at Earlham College.

Paul Beck, PhD, Professor Emeritus of Political Science at The Ohio State University, will return to Lakeside for two days of lectures. During the ‘Democracy Today’ (July 5-6) theme, Dr. Beck will answer questions about the upcoming presidential election, voter turnout and partisan polarization both in the U.S. and in other democratic countries.

Post Civil War USA combined morning education lecture and Faith for Living Hour will welcome back the Rev. Dr. Ronald C. White, Jr., who will speak as part of the theme entitled ‘The United States: 150 Years Ago’ (July 11-14). The Rev. Dr. White, a historian and biographer, will speak about his newest book on the life of General Ulysses S. Grant, which will be published in September 2016.

John E. Findling, co-editor of the Encyclopedia of World’s Fairs & Expositions will lecture on the history, culture and legacies of more than 160 years of these events during the ‘World’s Fairs & Expositions’ (July 18 & 19) theme.

‘Reflections of a Major General’ (July 20 & 21) will welcome Robert W. Smith III, retired U.S. Army Major General, who will share insight into decisions made and lessons learned as a military leader and retired finance executive at Ford Motor Company.

American LandscapesIn collaboration with The Friends of the Ohio Governor’s Residence and Heritage Garden, horticulturist, author and garden historian, Denise Wiles Adams, PhD, will lecture on the theme of ‘American Home Landscapes’ (August 17 & 18), which is also the title of one of her books.

Additional, new themes for the 2016 season include ‘Presidential History & Memorabilia’ (July 7), ‘Preserving Our Heritage’ (July 25-28), ‘Faust: The Man & the Legend’ (August 3 & 4), 100 Years of the National Park Service (August 15&16) and ‘In Pursuit of Knowledge’ (August 22-25).

Recurring themes include ‘Health & Wellness’ (June 22-23), ‘Lake Erie Stewardship’ (August 1 & 2), ‘Seeking Peace in a Multi-Faith World’ (August 8-11), and ‘Lakeside University’ (August 29-September 1).

In addition to the Chautauqua Lecture Series, special workshops are being planned for Friday mornings during the season. These hands-on, experiential education opportunities will provide learning on a variety of topics, including meditation and animal care. Participants must pre-register for these workshops, and a small fee will be charged to offset costs.

Numerous youth education programs are also held throughout the season on subjects such as geography, music and nature.

Visit www.lakesideohio.com/education or read the Lakesider newspaper to learn more about all of the education programs planned for the season.

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