Devotional: Lakeside, a Necessity

Guest Bloggers: Mame & Bill Drackett

Lakeside is more than a vacation to our family. It is even more than a community in our mind. It’s a necessity, right behind food, water and air.

Mame and I know that we need all four to thrive and sustain us and our extended families. Just like breathing, my brain knows that our family needs Lakeside in our lives.

We have a very close family. We travel together on vacations all year long. We try to grab as much family time as we can.

Our two sons, Chasen and Jonathan, have spent every Fourth of July of their lives in Lakeside. I take that back, they both missed one when they were out of the country, but they were with Lakesiders! Now with wives and kids, they are continuing the tradition with their families.

Our two grandsons know that we are in Lakeside right now “getting ready for them to get here!” I can tell you where we will all be for as many Fourth of Julys as we have left – LAKESIDE! That is not up for discussion. The family has already made plans to have Christmas here this year, too.

Hospitality is the sharing of our Lakeside time as family fills the cottage or the dining room table with fun and laughter or we are hosting parties and events in the yard.

We are storing up the energy and joy that comes out of those events and they sustain us all year. Like breathing deeply and holding your breath to swim underwater, we store up the energy and joy of Lakeside for when we are under water.

Promises of Lakeside are many. The promise that the cottage and its feel of family history and heritage, and even its smells, will be there waiting for us. The lake will be waiting for us to soak it in and refresh our soul. That friends will be there with smiles and a hug to welcome us or we them.

Family has gathered here for happy occasions, for milestone birthdays and anniversaries. It has also been the place we have retreated to in times of great sadness and loss to heal.

The promise is we know Lakeside will deliver and rejuvenate us no matter what our soul needs at any given time.

We have gratitude to the generations before us who laid the foundation of this place that has provided the truths year after year that we can count on in our very busy and complex lives.

Gratitude to our family who have gone before us, who found Lakeside and put down roots here. They knew back then what we still feel today, that Lakeside is relevant in our lives, to not only survive in a changing world, but to thrive as a family.

The soul needs to regenerate, and Lakeside is our place to do that more than any other home or place in the world.

That is the common sense of community that surrounds us here on Ohio’s Most Beautiful Mile. We know that everyone else walking the lakefront path or the dock or sitting in Hoover all feel the same way and are regaining their joy and energy here on the grounds.

Just as we must eat, drink or breathe, we must have a regular amount of Lakeside.


One thought on “Devotional: Lakeside, a Necessity”

  1. Yes, Lakeside is all of this and more. For my family – who has been a part of Lakeside since the 1950s – this Chautauqua has been a touchstone or a thin place. The strength of the earth, the air, the water, and the spirit coalesces on the grounds; the cycle energizes the Lakeside experience. The best description of Lakeside is that it is a ‘thin place’ – it transcends and whispers the names of those who are here and those who have gone before and perhaps those who are yet to be. Thank you Mame and Bill for your blog. I will share a link on thin places so that other may better understand the concept!

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