Day: July 24, 2016

Sunday Spotlight: 2016 Advancement/Communications Assistants

Meet the 2016 Advancement/Communications Assistants, Lindsay Hahn and Allyson Lippert: Name: Lindsay Hahn School: Ohio State University ATI Major/Minor: Agribusiness/ Animal Science Hometown: Fremont, OH How did you hear about Lakeside, or what is your Lakeside story?  I live about 25 minutes from Lakeside. I would come here with my family and friends during the […]

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Preacher of the Week: The Rev. Dr. Michael Slaughter

Better known as a chief dreamer and spiritual entrepreneur of ministry marketplace innovation, the Rev. Dr. Michael Slaughter took a 90-member congregation to more than 4,000 members. His call to afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted challenges all to wrestle with God and their God-destinies. The Rev. Dr. Slaughter is the lead pastor at […]

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