“Do Your Kids Ever Catch YOU Reading?”

Guest Blogger: Laura Sassi, Author of Goodnight, Manger

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This summer, one of my favorite bloggers, Pragmatic Mom, www.pragmaticmom.com,will once again be running a wonderful challenge, entitled “Kids Caught in the Act of… Reading!” www.pragmaticmom.com/2016/06/summer-reading-programs/, and all summer parents will send in adorable pictures of kids caught in the wonderful act of … reading!


I love the idea of catching our children reading, and ever since my children were babies, I’ve done everything in my power to get my kids hooked on books. Here we are reading before bed when they were little. Bedtime reading is more independent now, but it still happens – every night.

Nonetheless, all this “catching” has gotten me thinking, how often do our kids catch us reading? Not reading to them, which is important, but reading for ourselves, on our own?

I’m certain one reason I’m a life-long reader is that as a child I saw my parents reading. Yes, they read to me too, but I have distinct memories of my parents sitting in the living room reading, while I played, or drew, or sometimes snuggled in. My mother would make herself a cup of tea, cut an apple into crisp wedges and then sit and savor both story and snack. Soon, I was requesting apple wedges while I read too.

At one point when my kids were little, I felt guilty reading while they were around. Shouldn’t I be playing with them? Or chatting with them? Or reading to them? Yes, of course, I should, and I did. But, I finally concluded there was nothing wrong with, and perhaps everything right with, taking out my book and reading while they were happily engaged nearby.

Indeed, I’m pretty sure we wouldn’t have great shots like these if my parents, and my husband and I hadn’t taken a little time to read in front of the kids.

book covering facechild reading 2

You say your kids haven’t caught you reading lately? No worries. Don’t you think that Lakeside, with its cozy quiet porches, rocky perches, dock and serene sitting areas, is the perfect setting to establish or renew that goal? I do!

In just a couple of weeks, I will be returning to Lakeside for the third summer. I can’t wait to be reunited with my lovely sister and husband, her in-laws and all those adorable little cousins! I’m looking to embrace all that Lakeside has to offer, including finding a cozy spot at least once a day, where my daughter and I, and maybe one of the cousins, can catch each other… reading!

Join us if you’d like. It’s easy… just grab a book or a newspaper, and read where your kids can see you.  I think you’ll find, as we have, that the reading bug is very contagious! Happy reading all!


Laura Sassi, author of Goodnight, Ark (Zonderkidz, 2014) and Goodnight, Manger (Zonderkidz, 2015), has a passion for telling humorous stories in prose and rhyme. She writes daily from her century-old home in New Jersey where she lives with her husband, two children and a black Cockapoo named Sophie. In addition to picture books, Sassi writes poetry, stories and articles and crafts for kids. For her reflections on writing and life, visit her blog at laurasassitales.wordpress.com/ or “like” her on Facebook at www.facebook.com/LauraSassiTales. She will lead the Fun with Books program at 10 a.m. Monday, Aug. 1 at Lakeside Women’s Club Green Gables. 

2 thoughts on ““Do Your Kids Ever Catch YOU Reading?”

  1. I love this!! I never thought about letting our kids/grandchildren catch us reading! Next Monday, I know 2 young boys who are going to catch their grandma reading! I so agree this could be powerful??

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