Rhythmic Circus: My Favorite Hoover Show of the Summer

Staff Blogger: Allison Seemann, Print/Visual Communications Intern

rc1Dancing doesn’t come easy to me. So, watching people dance always fascinates me. Add in tap shoes, and I’m all in.

On July 23, I experienced a show in Hoover Auditorium that featured tap dancing, along with singing, beat-boxing and lots of comedy.

I had heard from fellow Lakesiders that Rhythmic Circus was going to be a great show, but my expectations were blown away.

I’m interning with the Lakesider newspaper, so I spend a lot of time taking pictures of Hoover events.

As I was backstage before their performance, they were already energetic and hilarious to be around, but when they came onstage, all that energy increased by 150%.

rc2There was fog, a huge band and of course tap shoes for the opening performance. Ricci Milan, Nick Bowman, Kaleena Miller and Galen Higgins tapped to “Feet Don’t Fail Me Now,” which even made me want to get up and dance along, and I don’t dance.

I don’t think anyone can tap dance for an hour and a half straight, so when the dancers left the stage for a costume change, and most likely to catch their breath, the band would play, or Aaron “Heatbox” Heaton would beat-box for the crowd. He made astounding noises that I didn’t think could be created by human vocal cords. The noises ranged from water droplets and a cork popping to such an incredibly deep sound that you might hear in a monster movie or a voice from a groggy cyclops.

Beat-boxing/rapping and tap dancing are quick and impressive, so a rap versus tap battle was inevitable. “Heatbox” did his thing against all four members of the tap team. All four were competing, but then, Miller stole the show and tapped her way to the top of the battle winning an enormous round of applause from the audience.

rc3Nearing the end of the show, with sweat rolling down their faces and exhaustion plaguing their legs, Rhythmic Circus didn’t disappoint with their last performance, “Circus.” Very demanding and fast-paced, this piece was a perfect ending to the show. All the band members were introduced and came to the front of the stage to show off their musical talents while the tap dancers tapped insanely fast to the beat.

With an incredible performance and fun personalities, Rhythmic Circus has definitely been my favorite Hoover show this summer. What has been your favorite Hoover show? Let us know in the comments below.

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