Participate in our Wellness Questionnaire

Since December, the Wellness Advisory Team has been working on a wellness questionnaire to collect input from community members.

The questionnaire is divided into four parts that takes roughly 15-20 minutes to complete. The four parts include:

  • Input about wellness
  • Fitness and wellness activities
  • Nutrition and what’s important to you and your family
  • Demographic and contact information

Your input is very valuable. We encourage you to take our wellness questionnaire and share it with friends and family that visit Lakeside.

This questionnaire will be used by the Wellness Advisory Team to help de­fine and plan a comprehensive well­ness program that can be offered to residents and guests.

The team was assembled last summer as a result of individuals who came forward at vari­ous small group gatherings to discuss the Grindley Aquatic & Wellness Campus. Each expressed a desire to assist Lakeside by shar­ing their respective skill sets related to wellness and a passion for healthy living. They have been meeting by conference call through the fall and winter.

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