The Most Magical Place in the World

Staff Blogger: Noah Eblin, Video/Photography Intern

Imagine a magical place. Imagine a place where you can go to get away from everything. A child’s paradise, where there is fun, adventure and ice cream to be had around every corner. It’s a place that families wait patiently all year to vacation at. Where are you imagining? Disney World or Lakeside? Honestly, these places aren’t that different.

When I first moved to Lakeside to start my internship on a Sunday in May, this place was practically empty. If you are a guest, you might find this as a surprise because there is always something going on and someone to talk to.

But when I arrived, Lakeside was practically a ghost town. But once, Monday came, all of the people who make Lakeside run like a well-oiled machine emerged, frantically running around and prepping for guests to arrive.

This is where I first drew the Disney World comparison. I have had several friends who have worked at Disney, so I have heard stories of the “behind-the-scenes” aspect, if you will. And that is what I felt like I was seeing here.

I had never been to Lakeside, so I had no idea what to expect. But, all of the work and effort that was happening all around town, simply to make sure that people could have a good time and enjoy themselves, was very interesting to me. All of the construction that was happening moved at an incredible pace to finish on time. All of the gardening progressed quicker and quicker, with more flowers appearing every day. As a guest or maybe even a resident, you might think that everything just falls into place around here to create this serene vacation haven, and that is where you are wrong. But that is the magic of it all.

All of the interns get to see where some of the magic of Lakeside comes from in our positions, because we get to peek behind the curtain. But, I didn’t really get to see where the true magic was until I had been here for a little while and people started to arrive. I began to understand why Lakesiders keep coming back over and over. It’s the people you meet and the memories that you create and share. I learned that any place can be magical with the right people around you.

So what is the most magical place in the world? Disney World or Lakeside… Who knows! That’s up for you to decide, but I think that you all know which one has my vote.

5 thoughts on “The Most Magical Place in the World

  1. I totally agree. Lakeside is a very magical place. I love it. A couple years ago I took my daughter on a drive through Lakeside a week before Christmas when it was snowy and cold. Even though things were closed up and “bare bones” she understood why I loved it so much.

    1. To our family Lakeside is the total magical place. We have been going there for over 60 years and would not trade our times there for anything. This is our family vacation, my late brother and his wife spent their honeymoon there and on June 11, 2017 our son and our beautiful daughter in law had their wedding up on the provilion. So yes this is the most magical place to be.

  2. In Disneyesque “terms” it is perfectly perfect😍 Thankful to live close enough for mini day trips.

  3. Our family of ten looks forward each year to our week at Lakeside! We range in age from 4 to 65 y o. We have the best memories and get to create new ones each summer. Lakeside trumps Disney in my book. Looking forward to next year the moment I left this year!

  4. This is totally true. I worked at Lakeside for 10 years as their Deputy Sheriff along with Chief Deputy Bob Bailey. Being in Lakeside has always been the best working experience I’ve ever had. The peace and tranquility of the winter months compared with the activity of the summer months. Watching families coming together and young adults starting their own Lakeside traditions. Many people called us the Mayberry Deputies. Many people should consider themself lucky to able to say that they were a part of this miracle cslled Lakeside. Lakeside will always be in my heart.

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