Day: July 31, 2017

A Stroll Down Sycamore

Staff Blogger: Erin White, Visual Communications Intern I took a stroll down Sycamore Ave during my lunch break on a sunny Lakeside afternoon. Although I walk this road every day to work, I always seem to notice something new each time. Leaving the intern house, I hear birds calling to one another and spot a […]

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Lakeside, Ohio: 30 years of renewal

Guest Blogger: Bruce Stambaugh, Lakesider Lakeside, Ohio. Those back-to-back names seem too ordinary, too mundane to be considered a desired vacation destination. For our family, though, like thousands of others, that’s exactly what Lakeside, Ohio means. We have been traveling there every year at least once a year for three decades. To other Lakesiders, that’s […]

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