Locate unique pieces with The Abandoned Art Project

Guest Blogger: Bev Beatty, Rhein Center Instructor

For the past decade, I have been privileged to teach art classes at the Rhein Center. I will be in Lakeside again to teach classes during Week 7 (July 29-Aug. 4) and Week 8 (Aug. 5-11), and I want to give something back to Lakesiders.

Every day during those two weeks, I will leave a small piece of art somewhere in Lakeside, and it will be free for the taking to the finder.

It could be anything from a piece of jewelry or a painted rock, to a small painted canvas or a tiny woodcarving. They will not be hidden, they will be in plain sight – perhaps on a bench or a table. The art will be in a plastic bag, which will be clearly marked as “free found art.”

My email address will be included if you wish to let me know that you have found the art, although this is not necessary. I just want to take the opportunity to brighten someone’s day in an unconventional way, in hopes that the idea might catch on.

There are only three things to keep in mind:

  1. Please do not litter the plastic bag.
  2. If you find the art and do not want it, please leave it for someone else to find.
  3. I will not leave the art in stores, so don’t badger shopkeepers about it.

Also, Rhein Center staff will not know what or where it is either – this isn’t like “find the frog in the flowerpot.”

Keep your eyes open for a plastic bag that you just happen upon.

One thought on “Locate unique pieces with The Abandoned Art Project”

  1. My weeks at Lksd are over for this year, but I feel the abandoned art w project was a success and plan on doing it again next year. I will notify the paper what weeks I will be there so they can notify Lakesiders to be on the lookout for more abandoned art.

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