Did you know Lakeside has a lost and found?

Where is Lakeside’s Lost & Found located? The Lost & Found is located at the Lakeside Chautauqua Administration Office at 236 Walnut Ave.

Does each facility have its own Lost & Found? No, we ask that all facilities bring their lost and found items to the Lakeside Chautauqua Administration Office. If you’ve lost your wallet at Sloopy’s Sports Café, it’ll be waiting for you at 236 Walnut Ave.

Does Lakeside have a system to know when lost items have been found? Yes, Lakeside keeps a Lost & Found log. We encourage Lakesiders to report lost items and turn in found items at any time during their visit. We will give those Lakesiders a “call tag” if they report something missing. If the item is found, we will call them. The system works very well, but it takes cooperation on behalf of the community.

How long will Lakeside keep items in the Lost & Found? We keep most items from the summer season through October. If you have lost something, there’s a good possibility it is in our Lost & Found, so don’t be afraid to check.

Helpful tip from your friends at Lakeside: In the past, we’ve had the dilemma of locations holding on to lost items thinking that those who have lost them will return; however, sometimes people don’t remember where they lost their items and won’t go back to the location that is holding on to it.

Our goal is to make Lakesiders aware of the common location for Lost & Found. Help spread this information to your neighbors, friends and family at Lakeside to reduce the stress of losing items.

Lakeside is meant to be a relaxing area, and it can be hard to relax knowing you’ve lost a set of keys, a camera or a necklace you just purchased.

Have you ever lost an important item at Lakeside? Did you find it? Have you ever reported a lost item? Do you have any ideas on how Lakeside can improve the Lost & Found system? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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