Why I Returned to Lakeside

Staff Blogger: Sammi Piroska, Print/Visual Communications Intern

On Sunday, May 14, 2017, I was full of excitement as I drove through the South Gate to 645 Sycamore Ave., where my peers awaited each other’s arrival. Each intern settled into their room and laughter filled the house as more and more people settled in. As move-in day started to wrap up, hugs were given as parents and siblings left, but a new door opened when we all sat down to eat our first dinner together.

Throughout the summer, the bond of the interns turned from us being housemates to all of us being a family. Going to work every morning was a moment of excitement as I knew I was going to do what I loved while being with people who filled the room with positivity and encouragement.  When the end of the summer came, I didn’t want to leave. The people, the experience, and the community had become a part of my life and had given me summer I would never forget. Although I didn’t know this at the time, this wasn’t a goodbye; it was a “see you next spring!”

Having the opportunity to return to Lakeside for a second summer is something I have been looking forward to since January when I received the phone call that I would be a Print/Visual Communications Intern again this summer.

Remembering all of the experiences that I had, from photographing Hoover shows to delivering newspapers with the kids, made the moment even more thrilling. Knowing I would have the opportunity to do that again, as well as to build on those experiences, gave me butterflies. On top of the experiences, knowing I have the chance to work with the same people, as well as new interns, built my frenzy of emotions even more. The Legacy House is full of positivity, teamwork, and individuals who want to help you succeed; it’s a great place to learn and work for the summer.

Working at Lakeside has allowed me to grow and participate in things I would have never imagined being a part of. By returning to Lakeside this summer, I can continue to immerse myself in new things and build on my skills, while having another summer I am never going to forget.

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