​Lakeside welcomes the Rev. Dr. Scott Wilson as Coordinator of the Dockside Worship Service

Staff Blogger: Elizabeth Fantozzi- Marketing and Public Relations Manager

Lakeside Chautauqua warmly welcomes the Rev. Dr. Scott Wilson as Coordinator of the Dockside Worship Service this summer.

The Rev. Dr. Wilson was first introduced to Lakeside in 1978 when he and his wife, Barbara, attended the East Ohio Conference of The United Methodist Church, and he was ordained a deacon.

Last June, he retired after 40 years of ordained ministry, which included serving four Ohio churches – Louisville Christ, Bucyrus Grace, Norton Johnson and Mayfield.

He currently serves as a part-time staff pastor at Church of the Lakes United Methodist in Canton, coordinating men’s ministries, caring ministries and occasionally preaching.

He plans on following the pathway and ministry of the Rev. Irwin Jennings, who retired earlier this year from the position and whose successful leadership has helped establish a lasting blueprint for the worship service.

This summer, the Rev. Dr. Scott Wilson is most looking forward to preaching against the beautiful backdrop of Lake Erie.

“This will be a brand new experience for me,” he said. “I expect to offer a new opportunity to witness the grandeur of God –sun, wind, thunder, rain and the beauty of the Spirit’s ‘ever-present witness,’ as Mr. Wesley put it.”

Over the next few months, he ‘ll be working with a tremendous team of people, including Jennifer Linville, Beth Sibbring, the Rev. Dr. Charles Yoost and other preachers to offer their best to God and the community.

In his down time, the Rev. Dr. Wilson plans on reconnecting with family and friends in Lakeside’s relaxing and calming atmosphere.

“Lakeside is like no other place in my memory bank,” he said. “This place slows down the pace of life by allowing one to walk slowly, stop often, sit, browse, eat and catch up with life. Lakeside never disappoints in its offer of rediscovering the joy of non-scheduled, untethered moments.”

Join the Rev. Dr. Scott Wilson and other leaders of the Dockside Worship Service this season at 8:30 a.m. Sundays on the Pavilion East Deck. He will preach on June 9, 23, and 30, as well as Aug. 4 and Sept 1.

One thought on “​Lakeside welcomes the Rev. Dr. Scott Wilson as Coordinator of the Dockside Worship Service”

  1. How exciting that Pastor Scott will be preaching at Lakeside this summer! He does such a wonderful job at Church of the Lakes in Canton. I really enjoy his sermons.

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