The Front Porch Sunday Spotlight: 2019 App Intern

Meet the 2019 LLA App Intern, Courtney Davis:

Name: Courtney Davis
College: Ohio University
Major/Minor: English/Journalism
Hometown: Dayton, Ohio

How did you hear about Lakeside, or what is your Lakeside story? A friend told me about Lakeside when I was a freshman in college and he always talked about how great it was. So I knew a little bit about it from him. When I started applying for internships this past year I saw they had one open to work with the newspaper so I decided to apply. Now I’m here and I can definitely see why he thinks it’s so great!

What are you most looking forward to this summer at Lakeside? I’m really looking forward to expanding my knowledge in journalism this summer. This is the first time I’ve worked in a professional environment so I’m interested to see how everything works. I can’t wait to see how much my work improves over the summer. I’m also looking forward to exploring Lakeside and seeing everything it has to offer.

What do you hope to gain from this experience? I’m hoping to gain knowledge about what it’s like to work in a professional environment. I’m also hoping to gain life-long friends through this experience.

Name one goal you hope to achieve this summer. I really want to go kayaking because I’ve never been before and it looks so fun!

What are some of your hobbies and what do you enjoy doing in your free time? I love spending time with my family and friends. Anytime I have time to do something with them I jump at the chance. My friends and I love to travel and see new places so we’re always trying to experience something new. If I’m not going on crazy adventures with them then I’m normally reading.

What is one of your proudest moments or major accomplishments you have achieved thus far in life? One of my proudest moments was getting into Ohio University. I grew up loving the school and knowing I always wanted to go there so when I finally got in I was thrilled. A bonus proudest moment of mine was getting this internship. I worked really hard this past year to ensure I would have a summer internship so when I finally got it I was ecstatic.

What is your dream job? I really want to work for a book publication. I love the idea of getting to work with my favorite authors and helping them plan their next big project. I also love to read, so getting to read different manuscripts all the time would be amazing.

Tell us a fun fact about you. A fun fact about me is I’m a beauty/lifestyle blogger. I started blogging when I was a freshman in college and fell in love with it. Now I share all my tips and tricks on how to survive college with everyone.

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