2020 Faith Walk Devotional booklet

As a gift from Lakeside’s Religious Life pillar, complimentary Faith Walk Devotional booklets are available at the Administration Office, Waterfront/Information Center, hotels, Welcome Center and Fifth Street/South Gates.

Lakeside is a special place. It has become sacred ground for many through the years. We invite you to make a “spiritual pilgrimage” through Lakeside, stopping at the 16 places identified in the booklet.

Read the printed Scripture passages and reflections, and spend as much time as you choose in meditation and prayer. You may choose to go from place to place all at once, or go to one or more of these places each day. “Journey” alone, or take someone with you.

We hope this booklet will help you enjoy the beauty and tranquility of Lakeside, and that these meditations will enhance your spiritual life and energize you for the future.

One thought on “2020 Faith Walk Devotional booklet”

  1. I am interested in submitting a meditation to the 2021 Faith Walk Devotional. I do not have a copy of the 2020 edition of the devotional, and would like to view it so I have an idea of what previous submissions were chosen. Thank you!

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