Congratulations to the award recipients of the 47th Annual Lakeside Photography Show:

Adult Division

1st Place ($150) — “The Jump #3 Success” by Joanne R.Heinert
2nd Place ($100) —“Hope Floats” by Susan Phaneuf
3rd Place ($50) — “Down Low and Safe” by Lee Flasche

Honorable Mentions

“Portland Head Lighthouse” by David Grimmer

“Good Boy Mason” by Jeannie Fleming-Gifford

“Lakefront Park at
Sunset” by Susan Phaneuf

“Seriously?” by Randy Donithan

Joel Hagemeyer Award

“The Jump #3 Success” by Joanne R. Heinert

Lakeside Employee Award

“Hope” by Jeannie Fleming-Gifford

Teen Division

1st Place ($50) — “Awaiting” by Spencer Singer
2nd Place ($35) — “Bloom” by Ella Gifford
3rd Place ($20) — “Hollyhock by the Dock” by Natalie Porter