Staff Blogger: Molly McNamara, Marketing Intern

Iris Andrews fell in love with Lakeside on her first visit as a Youth Delegate to The United Methodist Church Conference in the 1960s. Andrews married a clergyman and attended conference every year.

Although Conference kept the couple busy, the Andrews made sure to make time for classic Lakeside traditions, such as walking along the dock and catching up with old friends.

Her children, of course, loved Lakeside and took advantage of the beautiful lake, mini-golf and ice cream.

In more recent years, Andrews has enjoyed the addition of the Children’s Splash Pad and the Grindley Aquatic & Wellness Campus. Both add value to the community without compromising the original Lakeside “magic.” “There’s something about Lakeside that I’ve always described as ‘magic,’” says Andrews. “It draws you back, and you really want to return as often as possible.”

Andrews now resides at Copeland Oaks, a senior community in Sebring, Ohio that provides a home for seniors living in independent, catered and assisted living. Additionally, they offer memory care and full-time skilled nursing.

Many Lakesiders live at Copeland Oaks and often still visit and stay at Lakeside. Andrews believes that Lakesiders move to Copeland Oaks because, “Lakeside is like attending a huge family reunion, it’s the same way at Copeland Oaks. We really do care about one another and want the very best life for each person.”

Andrews is thankful for her many memories of Lakeside and hopes that everyone has the opportunity to experience the “magic” of this special place.

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