Staff Blogger: Kelsey Pepa, Marketing & Digital Communications Intern

IMG_1070What does an average day in Lakeside look like for you? Is it spent on the dock fishing or swimming? Do you sit on the Hotel Lakeside front porch and read, do a puzzle or converse with friends? Or do you simply drive around on a golf cart enjoying the peaceful atmosphere that Lakeside has to offer?

We asked 13-year-old Adaline Colon, a Lakesider since birth, to show us what a day in Lakeside looks like for her. She was asked to document her day by taking pictures of all the activities and sights she sees. By allowing us to see Lakeside from her vantage point, we can gain a new perspective and greater appreciation for the place we all know and love.

Her journey begins along Ohio’s Most Beautiful Mile and ends at the dock, stopping at some kid-friendly activities along the way.

“I like to walk by the lake and look at all the flowers,” Colon says.

IMG_1072IMG_1073As she makes her way through Central Park she spots the big green slide, a kid favorite, and shows us her view looking up and then looking down. The view from the top can be quite daunting.

“I love going down the big slide in Central Park, because you go really fast!” Colon says, not even fazed by the height.

From the top of the slide she peers out over Central Park and sees one of Lakeside’s hot spots: shuffleboard.

One of the most popular recreational activities in Lakeside, shuffleboard is fun for all ages. Colon participates in some of the tournaments that are offered throughout the summer.

IMG_1071According to her, “My sisters, Galiena and Eliana and I always play shuffleboard. We’re pretty good at it!”

What’s the fastest way to get from shuffleboard to the dock? A golf cart of course! Kids love to ride on golf carts with their parents, especially so they can wave at everyone they pass. There’s something about having the breeze blow across your face that makes it so fun.

IMG_1086Colon thinks so too. “My friends and I love to ride around Lakeside on golf carts. It’s fun to sit on the back so that you’re facing backwards, you can see everything happening behind you.”

The final stop on our little Lakesider’s tour concludes at the dock, perhaps the most sought-after place/destination in Lakeside.

The dock is the heart of Lakeside: it’s the central location for relaxation and restoration.

IMG_1075There’s unlimited activities available including: swimming, fishing, flying kites, kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding, sailing, reading a book on a bench, Wooden Boat Rides and probably the most popular—watching those breathtaking Lake Erie sunsets.

 Colon spends a lot of time on the dock with her sisters. They like to jump off the L-dock and go swimming, eat ice cream on the benches, watch the sunset and simply just walk to the flag pole and back.

There’s so many ways to enjoy Lakeside that you can’t possibly fit them all into one day. Lakeside offers something for everyone in the areas of religion, education, arts and recreation.

How do you spend your day in Lakeside? Let us know in the comments below! If you’d like to volunteer to take pictures for our ‘Day in the Life’ series, contact