Staff Blogger: Molly Dorsey, Print/Visual Communications Intern

caChildren were giggling, discs were scraping the shuffleboard courts, golf carts were humming as they flew by and relaxed laughter was floating in the air around me as I started my descent up Central Avenue.

The Budd-Dallas Showboat was the first thing to catch my eye. The majestic white house stands tall and proud on the corner of Central Avenue and Second Street. It looms over the beginning of Central Avenue as if it was a rustic and crickety soldier standing guard.

Continuing on, birds chirping in the distance and cicadas buzzing close by, I near 222 Central Ave. A bright, eccentric, blue and green neon cottage caught my eye immediately. The “under the sea” theme was well put together with fish on the balcony and scattered around the porch. The colored lights strung up above the patio brought a homey feel to the place, while a towering tree in front of the cottage brought shade and tranquility.

ca2As I approach Third Street, Hoover Auditorium is on my right. Hoover has been the home of many concerts, shows and worship services. Lakesiders from near and far come to see the variety of talent that Hoover has been offering us since 1928. Throughout the summer, it is not uncommon to hear music spilling out of the windows and to see children dancing on the front porch. I’ve enjoyed many shows there myself, Pavlo, Herman’s Hermits starring Peter Noone and VoicePlay. Each one was entertaining and exciting in its own unique way.

ca3Turning towards the sound of a sprinkler, I pushed forward up the street. One thing for sure about Central Avenue is… all the residents are Ohio State fans. Buckeye memorabilia is scattered left and right. A flag here, a scarlet and gray rock there, and the most grand of the Buckeye madness was the giant Ohio State squirrel staring proudly at me from the lawn of a shaded cottage.

Continuing along the road, I stumble upon Wo-Ho-Mis Lodge. The aged building looks full of stories and memories as I passed the dorms.

Nearing the end of my walk, I find myself at the Campground. As I stood admiring my surroundings, the tents, the campers and the families who brought them, a little boy and girl ran past me with a dog in tow. It was a peaceful sight.

Whether you’d like to see a show or take an invigorating walk, from the shuffleboard courts to the Campground and everything in between, Central Avenue has so much to offer.