An Overnight in Charming Lakeside Chautauqua, OH


Lakeside Chautauqua, Ohio is situated on the southern shore of Lake Erie.
Back in 1873, a group of Methodist preachers came to this idyllic locale,
set up some benches and pitched their tents,
and “raised the praise” in what later became Lakeside Chautauqua.


Initially purposed to train Sunday School teachers,
it expanded to become a summertime family resort.
The idea of a Chautauqua is a retreat setting that combines worship and Bible study
with intellectual, creative and cultural enrichment, peaceful relaxation,
plus fun, recreational activities, which at Lakeside, includes fishing, boating and swimming.

What a perfect location to do all of the above!
If this quaint little town filled with charming cottages and shops isn’t enough,
there’s the gorgeous setting on beautiful Lake Erie!

Our visit was during the off-season, so most of the shops were closed
and everything was still and quiet. Perfect for a restful retreat.
Enjoy the photos I took of a memorable stay!

First things first: lunch.
We stopped for quiche and salad at Ooh La La…


…then gelato for dessert.
How about pistachio, peanut butter cup and coconut almond fudge?
A well-worth-it spluge!







The Hotel Lakeside was built in 1875.
It’s a National Historical Landmark.


Loved sharing the experience with my niece, Julie and sister, Lee!


Although many of the flowers were past their prime,
the begonias were still gorgeous!


There’s something so serene about gazing out onto water!
That’s Kelleys Island out there in the distance, one of the Lake Erie Islands.


The lovely Lakeside pavilion.


The next morning exchanged brilliant blue skies for gray.
Attempting to make the most of it, we scuttled out onto the dock.


A nice view of Hotel Lakeside.


Along with the overcast sky, you can get a feel for the weather by
noticing the choppy water…and my windblown hairdo!


The rain caused us to head back, but not before
having silly fun chasing the seagulls!


Read all about Lakeside Chautauqua on their website.
They’re also on Facebook.


LuAnn Poli is a Lakesider who  cherishes her faith, family and good friends. She treasures their time together, the memorable moments and the great conversations they have. You can learn more about her visit to Lakeside by visiting her blog, My Paisley World.