Guest Blogger: Sarah Milheim, Advancement & Communications Coordinator


Lakeside is grateful for and celebrates each and every volunteer for the countless hours they have given to enhance the Lakeside experience.

Bill and Charlotte Maenner are two Lakesiders who have donated their time and talents to make the Lakeside community a better place.

As the couple’s family grows, the new family motto is “Anytime that we’re together, its’ a celebration!”

Each return visit becomes a treasure hunt of discovery with continuous progress in programs, structures, gardens, cottages, businesses and opportunities to experience growth.

Activities abound near the waterfront, and Bill and Charlotte recognize this as a main attraction to all.

The list is endless of activities along the waterfront, from sailing to walking Ohio’s Most Beautiful Mile.

Bill and Charlotte not only enjoy Lakeside with their family and friends but also set aside time to volunteer and keep the community nurtured and thriving.

“Giving provides a sense of knowing that what we do now can impact, influence and inspire a new generation of helpful, caring individuals who are aware of the need for giving and volunteering,” shared the couple. “It sets an example of a lifestyle choice and allows future generations the opportunity to learn from our example.”

Bill and Charlotte’s involvement in the Lakeside community is immense.

They have donated their time to the Ice Cream Social, Lakeside Summer Stage, gardening crews, auditor of the Lakeside Women’s Club and storyteller at Saturday sessions, LWC Home Tour hosts and shuttle driver, Katharine C. Crampton Memorial Art Show, Property Owner’s Association, Raccoon Run, Guys’ Club, lakefront management and Kids Setting Sail program.

The Kids Setting Sail program was an idea that Dick Swanson created in 2002.

In 2003, members of the Society of Old Salts (S.O.S.) formulated a plan to implement the idea of giving kids a ride on a Sunfish sailboat to create an interest in sailing.

After not having success, the program was redesigned in 2005, and the new format allowed for great success.

Bill and Charlotte, along with a minimum of 12-15 volunteers, spend their Sundays running the operation.Kids Setting Sail Infographic

“We look forward to continuing to foster an interest in sailing,” said the Maenners.

Bill and Charlotte now explain Lakeside to their friends as an “experience” and let the charm of Lakeside reveal itself to each individual.

“Everyone benefits from the simple act of giving of time and serving others,” said Bill and Charlotte. “We are lucky enough to have this wonderful community lifestyle.”

Volunteers are essential to the quality of the Lakeside Chautauqua experience.

Lakeside offers several opportunities to volunteer time and talents to better the community. For more about information volunteering, visit