IMG_2691For 141 years, the shoreline has also been a place for recon­necting and conversation, which are core to the Chautauqua expe­rience.

Thanks to a generous gift from the late C. Nelle and Rich­ard E. Sultzbach family, a conver­sation terrace has been installed in front of the Beebe Memorial telescope viewing area, near Ho­tel Lakeside.

This terrace is the first phase of the project to enhance Ohio’s Most Beautiful Mile.

The space includes individual seating, set on a terrace made of cut sandstone.

Throughout the Chautauqua season, families have gathered at the new conversation terrace to enjoy an afternoon or evening discussion overlooking Lake Erie and the islands.

C. Nelle and Richard E. Sul­tzbach had several memories in­volving the Hotel Lakeside.

For instance, Richard worked at the hotel as a dishwasher.

The couple enjoyed many decades at Lakeside and later planned a gift to support the fu­ture of the Chautauqua commu­nity.

The Lakeside Chautauqua community thanks the C. Nelle and Richard E. Sultzbach family for their special generosity.

This summer, gardens were added to further enhance Ohio’s Most Beautiful Mile to captivate the eye with vibrant colors and visual interest.

These gardens, consisting of multi-season perennials and na­tive plants, were planted in select locations. Irises, coneflowers, day lilies, hostas, daisies and black-eyed Susans are enjoyed by Lakesiders.

In the second phase, Ohio prairie grasses from the NASA Plum Brook Station and other na­tive plants will be added.

The generosity of several Lakeside families has helped to ensure Lakeside Chautauqua’s claim as Ohio’s Most Beautiful Mile, which will strengthen the community’s reputation of being one of the most beautiful areas in America, both naturally and spir­itually.

To support further enhance­ments to Ohio’s Most Beautiful Mile, visit www.lakesideohio. com/giving. For more informa­tion about the multi-phase proj­ect, call (419) 798-5396, email advancement@lakesideohio. com or visit the Legacy House, located at 217 Walnut Ave. The Legacy House is open from 9 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Monday-Friday.