Cup of Kindness(1)

This summer, 189 students learned ceramic technique in order to donate artisan cups to the Cup of Kindness fundraising project.

The objective of the project has been three-fold:

1) To raise as much money as pos­sible to support the mission of the Danbury Food Pantry,

2) To unleash the power of the cre­ative spirit through the arts, and

3) To involve the entire Lakeside Chautauqua community in celebrating a shared vision and achieving a shared goal.

To date, $1,625.21 has been donat­ed to the Danbury Food Pantry and is already being used to help clients pur­chase perishable items, such as milk and eggs.

The Rhein Center owes a debt of gratitude to Lakesiders Pat and Bill Scott, who spent their summer purchasing cup molds, pouring slip, cleaning greenware, teaching ceram­ics and operating the kiln.

Cup of Kindness ExampleThe Rhein Center would also like to thank the Lakeside United Method­ist Church, which provided tea bags and cellophane for packaging the cups; Earl Mencel, a food pantry liai­son; Artists-N-Cahoots, which provid­ed display space and a donation point; and Alicia Farley, who designed the Cup of Kindness logo.

The Rhein Center is planning for the return of Cup of Kindness in 2015.