By Kevin Greer, Lakeside Communications Manager

When walking around Lakeside, you’ll notice many family-owned businesses. We’re excited to welcome SmoothieSide to the community!

The smoothie shop is now open in the heart of the business district at 208 W. Second Street, next door to Whistle Stop.

Donna (Todd) Edwards is the owner and grew up coming to Lakeside. She recently moved back to the area after living in Kentucky. It’s her first business venture, but it’s not her first job at Lakeside.

“I was a Lakeside lifeguard and had lots of other jobs here,” Donna said. “We were a military family, so we moved around a lot, but I love Lakeside. This is home.”

Donna, a Danbury and Kent State University graduate, just started her role as a teacher at Monroe Preparatory Academy in Sandusky. In addition to that, she thought about owning a business in Lakeside. She tossed some ideas around with her son, Alex, who also grew up coming to Lakeside and is a student at Bluegrass Community and Technical College in Lexington, Kentucky. After thinking it over, they agreed on smoothies.

“We thought smoothies were fun and healthy,” Donna said. “It just kind of stuck and that’s where it all started.”

One look at the menu and you can tell the Edwards family is very familiar with Lakeside. There’s the Lakesider, Banana Mocha Bike Ride, Blueberry Bankhand, Peachy Chai Pickleball, Pink Dragon Putt Putt and Acai Hoover Bowl, just to name a few. There are 12 smoothies and three smoothie bowls available. By request, a vegetable smoothie is in the works. There will also be seasonal flavors like pumpkin spice and caramel apple in the fall and mint in the winter.

“We came up with the silly names to go with the awesome things that Lakeside has to offer,” Donna said.

Knowing that dogs are a big part of Lakeside, the Edwards family made a point to add a Puppy Smoothie with bananas and peanut butter to the menu.

“We have two dogs and we tried it out on them,” Donna said. “It’s just a fun little extra treat.”

According to their website, Alex is the business manager and “smoothie sensei.” Donna’s daughter, Hannah; niece, Donya Todd Taylor and Alex’s girlfriend, Kassie Slocum, round out the team. The staff will likely grow in the summer months.

Donna says Alex is her “right-hand man” and helping her on the business side. The plan is for Alex to eventually take over the business in a couple years.

“He’s 22 and loves Lakeside,” Donna said. “I hope to get this up and going and say, ‘here you go.’”

Alex added, “Right now, we’re a mom and son team knocking it out. I’m going to be an accountant, so I’ll be ready when it’s time.”