By Lindsey Bonte, Lakeside Marketing Intern

A Little Free Library is a “take a book, return a book” free book exchange that is found in communities across the world. Lakeside has its own collection of little libraries sprinkled throughout the community, with nearly one in every quadrant.

Lakesider Brenda Haas took it into her hands to spread the word about the Little Free Libraries via social media. As a past elementary school librarian, journalist, and avid reader, it was an easy initiative to get behind.

“I think this is something great for kids and adults to do in the area,” says Haas. “The Little Free Libraries fill a need because you’ve got access to a steady supply of books.”


Lakeside’s Little Free Libraries stretch across the grounds with notable locations at the George Gundlach Memorial Garden along the western shoreline, Foundation Park along the eastern shoreline, and the Lakeside Campground, as well as several little libraries scattered along Lynn, Central, Jasmine, and other streets.

As an advocate for all reading resources, Haas encourages the community to visit The Fine Print Bookstore on Walnut Avenue and lending libraries in the area, such as the Lakeside Women’s Club Green Gables, the Lakeside United Methodist Church, and the Ida Rupp Public Library – Marblehead Peninsula Branch.

Haas also highlights the Dolly Parton Imagination Library, a program that helps supply young children with books.

Check out the Little Free Libraries of Lakeside Map displayed below and grab a book to read this summer. Flyers and other information are placed at the Gundlach Garden.