The Rev. Valerie Stultz 1Lakeside Chau­tauqua welcomes The Rev. Dr. Valerie Stul­tz on Sunday, Aug. 28.

Having spent much of her life in education, the Rev. Dr. Valerie Stul­tz believes she is called to guide people of all ages to Christ through deep lis­tening, informed teaching and passionate preaching.

She is a retired clergy member and District Su­perintendent of the East Ohio Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church in Delaware, Ohio.

Originally from Pepper Pike, Ohio, the Rev. Dr. Stul­tz received her bachelor’s degree with a teaching cer­tificate from Ohio Wesley­an University and the State University of New York.

She earned her Master of Divinity and Master of Arts from the Methodist Theological School in Ohio and her Doctor of Ministry in pastoral leadership from Wesley Theological School. She also has a Certifica­tion in Spiritual Direction, which she received from John Carroll University.

Amidst her many leadership positions within the church, the Rev. Dr. Stultz has also traveled to Haiti, Nigeria, Israel, Zimbabwe and Botswana, Korea, Budapest and Mozambique for educational and mission trips.

The Rev. Dr. Stultz’s sermon at the 10:30 a.m. Hoover Community Worship Service on Sunday, Aug. 28 is based on Luke 11L5-13 and is titled “A Friend Indeed.”

For those who wish to attend the Hoover Community Worship Service, a complimentary Church Pass may be obtained between 7:30-10:30 a.m. Sunday; valid until 3 p.m. This pass includes admission for guests and auto.