Staff Blogger: Molly Dorsey, Print/Visual Communications Intern

1If Lakeside were a person, I imagine she’d be a grandmother, the type of grandmother whose house always smells like cookies. Her cottage would always have scents wafting from the windows from all the cooking and baking.

If Lakeside were a person, I think she would have more beach towels than you could count, so that when her children and grandchildren come to visit, she never runs out. Fish, stripes, polka dots and Disney characters would just be a few of the designs you could find in her endless pile.

If Lakeside were a person, she’d love taking walks through the parks, on the dock and up and down the charming streets. No matter where she went, she would know someone, constantly waving hello to her friends that are actually more like family.

If Lakeside were a person, she’d be a hugger. Not an awkward “side arm” hugger, but a “bear-hug-you-with-love” kind of hugger that all grandmas are. She’d be warm, welcoming and loving. She’d always have her open arms ready to embrace, never discriminating anyone she meets.

2If Lakeside were a person, she’d walk a little slower. All the memories, wisdom and experiences collected would weigh her down a little. She’d smile and watch as her grandchildren run ahead because she knows what it’s like to be young, to have lived. Her wisdom and memories only make her that much more valuable, never impeding on her joy, even though she’s not as fast as she use to be.

If Lakeside were a person, she would love desserts… soft-serve ice cream, hand-dip ice cream, gelato, pies, cookies and donuts. She’d make frequent stops in the Business District because she couldn’t resist her sweet tooth. Baking pies and cobblers for her children, she would pass on the love of sweets to them as well.

If Lakeside were a person, she’d be kind and she’d be gentle. Her eyes would have evidence of aging around them, but never lose their sparkle. They’d be filled with memories of life, love, and adventure as well as excitement for what’s to come.