Staff Blogger: Josh Hilgenberg, Journalism/Creative Writer Intern

Olivia MooreLakeside is always giving to its guests, and teen Lakesider Olivia Moore has graciously volunteered to tell us about her own experience.

The Moore family has been coming to Lakeside for 60 years. When she thinks about being a young Lakesider, she notes the opportunities that the community provides for her. She says that “as a teen, Lakeside gives me a peek into what being a young adult really is” because she feels safe in the tight knit community.

She loves the freedom and independence Lakeside offers. She goes on walks, rides her bike, browses the shops and spends time at the dock, like any other Lakesider – regardless of their age.

Lakeside gives adults a pleasant flashback to their teenage years. There are fewer responsibilities, worries roll away with the waves, and ice cream fills the place where a sad day might try and squeeze its way in.

In comparing the teenage experience to the adult experience, Moore says, “I think that the Lakeside experience itself is just so special that everyone can agree they experience an overall joy while they’re here.”

Moore, Olivia 2Part of this is accredited to the many friends she’s made. Moore recognizes that each and every friend at Lakeside shares a commonality – they love it. Being an extremely unique place, the admiration that sprouts from our Chautauqua is special, and it creates bonds unlike most others. Moore even calls it “unbreakable.”

“When I’m there, all I could be doing is sitting on the dock by myself, and I would feel more than content,” she says. “Just being there gives me an unexplainable sense of happiness.”

Beyond the friendships she made, Moore says that Lakeside “always gives me something to be happy about.” No matter what she is or isn’t doing, she’s simply happy to be there. Even when she leaves Lakeside, the thought of it waiting for her until next summer brings a smile to her face.

Lakeside takes pride in the experiences it offers youth, but it wants to do even more! We’re beginning an initiative to develop teen programming and a youth activity center. You can help us out this #GivingTuesday (December 1, 2015) by making a gift for the future of teen Lakesiders! To learn more about this initiative, visit