Guest Blogger: Allison Moon, Advancement Communications Intern

In late April, the Advancement & Communications Department moved from the Lakeside Chautauqua Administration Office to the Legacy House.

The Legacy House is located at 217 Walnut Ave., across from Artists-N-Cahoots, the Lakeside store.

With the generous help of the Lakeside Spring Cleanup Day volunteers and the Lakeside Chautauqua Maintenance Department, the space was transformed into the Legacy House, including eight offices and a conference room.

The Spring Cleanup Day volunteers washed the windows and walls, assembled office furniture and hung dry erase boards for the staff. The volunteer team was led by Rebecca Innerst.

In the off-season, the Maintenance Department helped transfer office equipment and filing cabinets to the Legacy House.

The time and efforts of the Spring Cleanup Day volunteers and Maintenance Department are greatly appreciated.

Other upgrades to the Legacy House included new paint, carpet, curtains and matching office furniture for the front office.

Phone and Internet connections were also installed throughout the house for the new office layout.

The offices of Gretchen Colon, vice president of Advancement & Communications, Alexandrea Stelzer, director of Marketing, and Melissa Kunz, Content manager, are located in the Legacy House.

Two new full-time staff members, Jessica Kidd, Advancement manager, and Sarah Milheim, Advancement & Communications coordinator, moved into the Legacy House when they began work in mid-May.

In addition, a total of six Lakeside Leadership Academy interns work in the new office space.

The Legacy House also provides a comfortable space for Lakeside donors to visit with Colon and Kidd.

“Previously, the Advancement Office was in a smaller space, where it was difficult to meet privately with guests about supporting Lakeside financially,” said Kidd. “The Legacy House provides a space where guests’ concerns and questions are being kept private and confidential.”

The Advancement and Marketing staff has already benefited from working in one location, where weekly department meetings and team building sessions are held at the conference table or on the front porch.

Now you can join The Front Porch conversations. Have you visited the new Legacy House? Tell us in the comments below.