Staff Blogger: Gretchen Colón, Vice President of Advancement & Communications


Today, most kids are shuttled from activity to activity with smartphones or tablets in hand. The rapid pace is exhausting, and there is little time for enrichment and a genuine discussion among family and friends.

For generations, Lakeside has welcomed not only families but thousands of youth to the Chautauqua community. Many arrive for church or sports camps or tag along with a friend’s family. They explore the Lakeside grounds with freedom and discover activities that provide growth and renewal.  

Most of us looking upon the next generation would not guess that they were craving for opportunities of simplicity. However, Sarah Hester, a young guest blogger for Lakeside, recently wrote about her yearning for simplicity and what she enjoys most about Lakeside. She also submitted the piece as her college essay.

“At Lakeside, my heart is as still as the water on a calm Saturday afternoon. For once, I didn’t have a club meeting, choir rehearsal, softball practice or church event on my schedule — in fact, I had no schedule at all. My worries were washed away,” she wrote. “I grabbed a bike, and in the middle of my ride to the coffee shop, I realized that the joy I had been longing for revealed itself most in simplicity. And so, I stopped and smelled the donuts,” explains Hester.

Furthermore, Lakesider Bob Sudomir brings the Louisville Cross Country Team each summer to Lakeside for pre-season conditioning. Coach Sudomir shared,“Lakeside offers a big change in scenery and surroundings for these high school students. Not only that, but it is a safe and fun place. It’s the perfect environment to build camaraderie and a positive team culture. It allows for individual and team growth, in addition to the recreational opportunities.”

Thanks to your generosity year in and year out, thousands kids have the opportunity to unplug, renew their spirit, explore freedom and discover simplicity at Lakeside.

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