Shuffleboard Header PictureIn October, four longtime Lakesiders earned top 10 spots at the 34th International Shuffleboard Association (ISA) Tournament, held in Clearwater, Fla.

The World Singles format featured 48 women and 60 men, selected by 10 nations, competing in separate divisions. World Singles are now held on alternate years from World Team events.

The top 10 earn guaranteed entry into the 2017 World Singles. Many Lakesiders fondly remember the ISA Team events held at Lakeside in 1995 and 2006.

Dr. Bob Jones, Jr., in his first ISA event, went undefeated and became the reigning World Champion. Jones will hold his title until at least 2017, when he will have the opportunity to defend it. Jones received a coveted golden cue, which is presented to each World Champion.

In the Women’s: Marilynn Phifer achieved ninth place. Phifer is the Lakeside Shuffleboard Club’s (LSC) Youth Tournament Director. She started playing as an adult with her family and then in LSC mixers and has now successfully competed in five ISA Championships.

In the Men’s: Chris Cermak earned eighth place in his first ISA Singles competition. Cermak is President of the Upper Arlington Shuffleboard Club.

Bill Hoyer earned fifth place, which followed his second place finish at the 2013 ISA World Singles. Hoyer is 1st Vice-President of the Ohio Shuffleboard Association and a frequent youth tournament LSC volunteer.

Cermak, Hoyer and Jones are each fine examples of “graduates” of the Lakeside youth shuffleboard program.

Lakeside Shuffleboard is unique to the world. You can start at almost any age and become world-class.