The Lakeside Women’s Club will hold its annual Sew-a-Thon at the Rhein Center on August 24, 25, and 31 and on September 1 from 9 a.m. to noon, and from 1-4 p.m.

During the Sew-a-Thon, participants will sew American Girl doll clothes and bags for Ronald McDonald Houses (RMH). Experienced and casual sewists are invited to join. Participants will help sew and assemble robes, pajamas, sundresses, pants, and a top, as well as decorative bags to hold the clothing.

The Sew-a-Thon originally started as a casual conversation between neighbors Wendy Stuhldreher and Ginger Leonard in 2018 and turned into an annual Lakeside event benefiting multiple RMHs. According to Stuhldreher, “It happened the Lakeside way – word of mouth.”

Stuhldreher has since coordinated the Sew-a-Thon. To prepare for the event, she collects fabric and thread donations and organizes setup at the Rhein Center. Once the event has ended, she finishes the bag assembly and delivers them to the designated locations.

This year’s goal for the project is to complete 20 bags with outfits for RMHs in Richmond, VA; 30 for Columbus, OH; and 12 for Hershey, PA. According to Stuhldreher, this is a doable goal with the 30 volunteers who have graciously signed up to help the event so far.

Stuhldreher notes that her favorite part of the Sew-a-Thon is how people come together to help others and make it a joyful thing.

“It’s just infectious joy,” she said. “Everybody’s so happy. We begin with a prayer because it really is God’s work. We just hope the work of our hands will help ease the RMH children’s pain in some small way.”

To volunteer, please reach out to Stuhldreher at 412-551-6612 or If you are not bringing your own sewing machine to the Sew-a-Thon, you will need to register on the Rhein center website to use one of their 6 machines.

If you cannot volunteer but would still like to help, please drop off donations to the Lakeside Women’s Club (161 Walnut Ave.) or to Stuhldreher at 462 Maple Ave. Donations accepted include cotton or cotton blend fabrics (small prints only or solids), flannel material, plain fleece, ¼ inch elastic, sew-on Velcro (¾ inch), and fabric trim.