Guest Blogger: Allison Moon, Advancement Communications Intern


Lewis - LWBS TestimonalBob Lewis’ interest in wooden boats began when he was a young boy. He cherishes childhood memories of spending time on his father’s 1957, 16 ft. Penn Yan wooden boat.

In 2010, Bob and his wife, Susan, were in the process of restoring a 1959, 16.5 ft. Lyman Runabout when they first attended the Lakeside Wooden Boat Show.

“We wanted to see the boats and talk with other boat enthusiasts about restoration and ask advice,” said Susan. “Everyone was very willing to share.”

With recommendations in mind and months of hard work, Bob and Susan launched their fully restored wooden boat for the first time in Lake Mosquito, in Ohio, on Sept. 5, 2010.

The couple named their boat Maggie Too after their dog, Maggie, because she likes to go in the boat “too.”

Bob and Susan also have two 17 ft. Lyman wooden boats they hope to begin restoration work on this fall.

Susan’s dream boat is a 26 ft. Lyman Islander and Bob’s is a 17 ft. barrel back Chris Craft. Bob’s other dream is to find a Penn Yan like his father had when he was growing up.

The couple’s favorite part of the Lakeside Wooden Boat Show is the community of participants that once helped them finish Maggie Too.

“Many of the participants come back each year and it is great to see everyone and catch up,” said Susan. “We can’t wait to see everyone’s new projects, and what they’ve been working on or re-working on.”

They also love the historic Hotel Lakeside, the lawn and gardens overlooking Ohio’s Most Beautiful Mile.

“The venue is wonderful,” said Susan. “The atmosphere is relaxing and everyone is so nice.”

This year, the Bob and Susan invited their relatives to Lakeside and are staying at Hotel Lakeside.

They are looking forward to exploring the other programs Lakeside Chautauqua offers and plan to attend the Hoover Auditorium concert on Saturday.

“As soon as you go through the main entrance, you feel like you’ve stepped back in time,” said Susan. “Lakeside is a true treasure.”

The Lakeside Wooden Boat Show is from 12-5 p.m. Sunday, July 20. The classic wooden boats will line the dock and the lawn of Hotel Lakeside.