Staff Blogger: Elizabeth Fantozzi- Marketing and Public Relations Manager

When it comes to facing rejection, second guessing big decisions and overcoming self-doubt, Lakesider and author Jessica Bettencourt shares in her new book how to overcome fear to build the life you’ve always imagined.

Growing up in Tennessee, Bettencourt always imagined her family would spend their summers in the South. She never dreamed their summer home would be three hours north from their home in Bellbrook, Ohio.

“We were invited to visit a friend who lived in Lakeside and within hours we fell in love,” said Bettencourt. “My husband and I had a moment when we just looked at each other and knew this community is exactly what we had been looking for. We soon purchased a cottage and have never looked back.”

This summer will be the Bettencourt’s fifth summer in Lakeside. She and her husband Michael have four children together. One of their favorite family traditions includes getting ice cream downtown after the nightly show. Their three oldest children have loved spending their summers working in different areas around Lakeside.

“It has really made our summers so beautiful in so many ways because the kids are happy and enjoy it so much,” she said.

In her newly published book, “I Almost Cancelled-Showing Up When Fear Tells You To Stay Home,” she discusses inner confidence, everyone’s capability of accomplishing great things, and overcoming fear and self-doubt.

“My book has probably been in the making for the last 15 years, but I felt God really laid it on my heart to write the book about 2 two years ago,” she said.

Bettencourt is also a successful entrepreneur; she owns her own photography business, Bella Baby Photography. She started the business 15 years ago and contracts with hospitals in 42 states.

She is also a skincare consultant for Rodan + Fields where she ranks fifth in the world. Jessica rounds out her time with business coaching and motivational speaking at women’s events presenting on improving confidence, entrepreneurship and leadership skills.

In her own life, Bettencourt struggles with social anxiety and throughout her life she has “almost cancelled” and has almost canceled on many opportunities.

“Over the years, I would convince myself not to show up or why I should consider cancelling because I didn’t feel like I was smart enough, qualified enough or felt I didn’t deserve a seat at the table,” she said. “Thankfully I showed up and didn’t let fear have control over the decisions that I made, even if I showed up a little scared.”

Through her book and motivational speaking she encourages women to show up and try because even if you don’t succeed and you don’t get what you were looking for, you will learn something in the process, even if it’s a little scary at first.

“If you quit everything hard, you will never accomplish anything great,” she said. “If you have a dream – you should go for it.”

Looking back, Bettencourt faced challenges and hardships growing up that became formative experiences propelling her to where she is today.

“I think so often women look at where someone is, and we don’t realize the journey that brought them there,” she said. “I look back at my life and see evidence that God was working all along. There were lows and there were very tough times, but by never backing down I was able to achieve success.”

Bettencourt hopes readers will find fun and humor in the stories and practical tips that will help them move forward in their life pursuits.

To learn more about how you can unleash your inner confidence and pursue the life of your dreams, visit and purchase Jessica’s book “I Almost Cancelled-Showing Up When Fear Tells You To Stay Home,” today.

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