By Lindsey Bonte, Lakeside Marketing Intern

On Thursday, July 21 from 10 a.m.-3 p.m., there will be a magnificent display of handmade quilts across the Lakeside community — in front of cottages, at the Campground, Steele Memorial Bandstand, Lakeside Heritage Society Archives and inside the Lakeside Women’s Club (LWC) Green Gables — as part of the LWC’s Quilt Exposition. All antique quilts will be showcased inside the Durr Room of Green Gables.

Most of the newer quilts were made or found by Lakesiders with a strong connection to the community. The antique and historic quilts have been temporarily donated for display by the Lakeside Heritage Society or Lakeside families.

Barbara Browning, LWC’s current President, helped brainstorm and set up the new Quilt Exposition alongside others, including Edi Roser, Dottie McDowell, Mary Ann Kelmer, Sandy Ramicone, Mary Beth Melville, Mary Arnett, Nancy Gurney, Gretchen Curtis, Wendy Stuhldreher and Carol Bradsher, among countless other LWC members.

“The Lakeside Women’s Club’s first ever Lakeside Quilt Exposition took place last year,” said Browning. “We had a spectacular day, and there were a lot of beautiful quilts. We had perfect weather, and so many people were walking around Lakeside to view the different designs.”

Last year, there were nearly 200 quilts displayed, and the LWC expects even more for this year’s exposition. Roser puts together the list of quilts that will be displayed, and Bradsher makes a map locating all the quilts. Ramicone writes the descriptions of the quilts.

People enjoy walking and talking to the quilters and sharing tips on their quilt-making process and the history behind their pieces.

The Quilt Exposition is donation-based, and last year the LWC raised more $200. A basket for donations will be available at Green Gables.

There is no charge for this event, and if friends want to come to Lakeside to view the quilts, a 3-hour Partial Day Pass is available $6 ($2 for every additional hour).

Quilts are purely for display unless otherwise stated by the owners. If you’re interested in exhibiting your own quilt, there is no deadline or specific criteria to register. Roser says, “If the quilt warms your heart and makes you smile, it’s perfect for our exposition.”

To register your quilt, email Roser at with a small description about your quilt(s). To have you quilt listed on the Quilt Exposition map, the registration deadline is July 18