Did you LOVE our Valentine’s Day T-shirt appeal last year? Just like last year, you can show your love by purchasing a $25 Lakeside T-shirt ($15 for youth) – and an extra one for your special valentine! All proceeds benefit the Lakeside Annual Fund. By purchasing this special Lakeside T-shirt, you’re not only supporting Lakeside, but spreading your love of Lakeside every day you wear it.

To order, visit bonfire.com/lakeside-love-today. Orders will be accepted until January 27, while supplies last. Through Bonfire, you can ship the T-shirt directly to your home or to your valentine. Please note that the recipient may not be able to see where it came from, so make sure to let your valentine know it was you that thought of them.

All orders will ship within three weeks of the campaign, closing on Wednesday, Jan. 27. International orders may take up to 21 business days.

For questions, contact the Lakeside Chautauqua Foundation at (419) 798-4461, ext. 246 or advancement@lakesideohio.com.

Guest Blogger: Erika French

“I touched one fence today,” I tell my sister.

She understands the basics of what that means since she has walked with me before. About a two mile walk in Lakeside, starting out from my home on Central Avenue, walking down Fourth Street to Oak Avenue, then down to the lake and a meander along Ohio’s Most Beautiful Mile, taking in the sites of Hotel Lakeside, the Dock and Pavilion, the Gazebo and Perry Park tennis courts. Stunning homes and cottages front the ever-changing view of Lake Erie before I turn up Popular Avenue from Second Street, hiking the steep inclines with small steps and shoulders back, remembering to breathe and nod to the walkers coming at me. I continue past Third Street, Fifth Street, the Memorial Garden and Sixth Street until I come to my touchstone, the black metal fence at the end of Popular. I reach out with a finger and press before beginning the careful descent back to Second Street prior to walking back to my home on Central. Read More

Staff Blogger: Alana Tarry, Director of Development

Cade Browning remembers coming to Lakeside as a high schooler to visit his grandmother at her cottage, Miriam’s Mansion.

It wasn’t until Cade and Katie were married and had their son Barrett that they visited Lakeside as a family. They immediately fell in love and started looking for a cottage of their own. They purchased one when their son Bede was seven months old, and the family has been coming back ever since.

Bettinger Park has always played an important role in the Browning family’s Lakeside experience. “When the boys were little, we built pond boats together in the park and enjoyed the big slide and the playground,” shared Katie. “As they got older, we could play shuffleboard and mini-golf as a family.”

Each summer, the Browning children look forward to their time in Lakeside, and more specifically, in the park.

“Now that Barrett is older, he heads to the basketball courts after pickleball, and we might not see him again until dinner,” said Katie. “He has developed friendships on the basketball courts that we know will last a lifetime. As Bede is playing basketball at school and enjoying more freedoms at Lakeside, he, too, can’t wait to join the big kids on the courts this summer.” Read More

With Christmas just around the corner, are you still searching for the perfect present? Why not give the gift of happiness and take a look at our list of Lakeside-inspired gift ideas…

Lakeside Gift Cards
This year, Lakeside introduced Gift Cards as a way to pay for Daily, Weekly or Partial Day Chautauqua Passes, and even Season Passes! Gift Cards are available to purchase in values of any amount. For more information, contact Tyler Wilkie at (419) 798-4461, ext. 349 or accounting@lakesideohio.com. To ensure delivery prior to Christmas, please order by Dec. 10.

Hotel Gift Certificates
Hotel Lakeside and Fountain Inn gift certificates are available for next year. Gift certificates are valid for one year from the date of purchase. For more information, contact Steve Koenig at (419) 798-4461, ext. 343 or skoenig@lakesideohio.com. To ensure delivery prior to Christmas, please order by Dec. 10.

Honor a Loved One
A gift in honor of a loved one is a special way to pay tribute to their love of Lakeside. The gift can celebrate milestones – the birth of a child, wedding or anniversary – or remember a loved one. When making a tribute gift, make note of the loved one being honored or remembered. The person being honored, or the family contact of the person being remembered, will receive a hand-written note. For more information, contact Alana Tarry at (419) 798-5396 or atarry@lakesideohio.com. Read More

We had several fantastic entries in our annual Pumpkin-Decorating Contest at the Lakeside-Marblehead Lighthouse Festival. Thanks to all who participated, and congratulations to our winners!

Best Overall & Most Creative Design
“Mr. Hoover Picks a Winner” by Heather Doughty
Look closely… this unique design is a replica of last year’s Pumpkin-Decorating Contest winners and is currently displayed at the Lakeside Chautauqua Administration Office.  

Best Painted Design
“Reservations Only – at The Abigail” by Cathy Doughty
This Lakeside-inspired design is a tribute to the Abigail Tea Room and is currently displayed at the Lakeside Chautauqua Administration Office. 

Sweetest Design
“Yummy Caramel Apple” by Nicole Roth

Best Use of Props
“Camper Time” by Amelia (age 9), Eli (age 6) and Alice (age 4) Weeks

Best Design with Pumpkin & Natural Materials
“Eerie Cottage” by Ameila Gaiser (age 12)

Best Painted Design
“Black Panther” by Carsen Pirro (age 8)

Best Teen Design
“Beautiful White Owl” by Tristyn Morrow (age 14)

Best Youth Design
“Mermaid Tail” by Mariana Pirro  (age 12)

Best Child Design
“Brandon the Bat” by Garrett Neura (age 7)