Staff Blogger: Courtney Davis, Mobile Software Application Intern

Darby and Greg Buehler recently became Lakeside homeowners in 2017, but they have a longtime connection to the Chautauqua community.

(L-R) Shirley Buehler (mother), Keith Winget (uncle) and Marty Winget (aunt).

Greg has been visiting since he was a child and later introduced Darby when they got married.

“My mother, Shirley, has been coming to Lakeside since she was a teenager in youth group,” says Greg. “After that, my uncle, Keith Winget, purchased a cottage in 1991. My parents, Don and Shirley Buehler, bought a place a few years later. At that time, Darby and I were married, and our children were young, so they’ve grown up coming to Lakeside.”

The family roots in Lakeside continue. “Keith’s son, Doug, and his wife, Lisa, bought a Lakeside house about 11 years ago. I would say the Winget family is probably who introduced everyone to Lakeside,” jokes Darby.

Greg adds, “Yes, my mom and Uncle Keith are the ones who have kept this connection alive.”

The Buehlers most cherished memory this summer has been introducing their first grandchild to Lakeside. “It was so exciting to have her here and to see our Lakeside legacy continue,” says Darby. Read More

Meet the 2019 LLA App Intern, Courtney Davis:

Name: Courtney Davis
College: Ohio University
Major/Minor: English/Journalism
Hometown: Dayton, Ohio

How did you hear about Lakeside, or what is your Lakeside story? A friend told me about Lakeside when I was a freshman in college and he always talked about how great it was. So I knew a little bit about it from him. When I started applying for internships this past year I saw they had one open to work with the newspaper so I decided to apply. Now I’m here and I can definitely see why he thinks it’s so great!

What are you most looking forward to this summer at Lakeside? I’m really looking forward to expanding my knowledge in journalism this summer. This is the first time I’ve worked in a professional environment so I’m interested to see how everything works. I can’t wait to see how much my work improves over the summer. I’m also looking forward to exploring Lakeside and seeing everything it has to offer. Read More

Staff Blogger: Molly McNamara, Marketing Intern

For almost a lifetime, Dwight and Alice King have been a part of the Lakeside community.

Dwight came to Lakeside at the age of 12 to begin construction on his parents’ cottage.  During the Great Depression, his parents did not smoke, but said that if they did, they would have spent 25 cents a day.  So, to fulfill their dream of owning a cottage in Lakeside, they began putting aside 25 cents a day.

After many years of saving, they were able to afford the land and materials to construct a cottage. Dwight, his brother and his father built 417 W. Fifth Street, which, with Dwight’s loving attention, still stands today.

After dating Dwight for a year, Alice first visited Lakeside at the age of 16. The couple would often take walks along the lakefront and on the dock. “Lakeside is a place where, regardless of age, people hold hands,” Dwight notes. The Kings’ most cherished memories at Lakeside are those of their time here as teenagers, walking and holding hands. Read More

Guest Blogger: Julie Messervy, Author and leader in landscape and garden design theory

I recently spent a few very pleasurable days at Lakeside Chautauqua on the shores of Lake Erie in northwest Ohio. For nearly 150 years, this historic one-square-mile village has been home to charming cottages that house families who partake in a wide range of spiritual, educational, cultural, and recreational activities throughout the summer. Not since childhood summers at our family’s “camp” on Galway Lake, NY, have I been around families enjoying old-fashioned, simple pleasures like shuffleboard, volleyball, bike-riding, watching the sun go down, and reading on deep shady porches.

On the morning of my first day, I gave my Designer’s Way lecture to a large and enthusiastic group. That afternoon, in the blazing heat, together with Loretta Wilken, Lakeside Chautauqua’s Master Gardener, I ran a workshop with at least 60 people who all collaborated in designing a new garden for Lakeside. (Right: A cacophony of vibrant colors awaited the workshop participants.) Read More

Meet the 2019 LLA Educational Event Planning & Promotions Intern, Autumn White:

Name: Autumn White
Position: Education Department Event Planning/ Coordinating 

Hometown: Sandusky, OH 

College: Bowling Green State University 

Major/Minor: Communications; Dance 


How did you hear about Lakeside, or what is your Lakeside story?

My sister interned at Lakeside in the summer of 2017, where she worked with the Lakesider newspaper. During her time here, my family and I came to visit and since then I always wanted to spend a summer in Lakeside. Read More