Staff Blogger: Elizabeth Fantozzi- Marketing and Public Relations Manager

Lakeside Chautauqua is excited to announce the new Director of Culinary Services & Wellness Programming, Stacy Maple, former Director of United Way Ottawa County and Executive Director of Bistro 163 in Port Clinton.

In this newly developed role, Maple will oversee the operations of the Hotel Lakeside Dining Room and bring her culinary arts expertise to Lakeside’s wellness programs.

“There’s a growing interest in healthy eating and living in our country, so I’m excited to give the wellness program a fresh spin by helping more people learn about healthy cooking and overall well-being,” said Maple.

Maple’s roots with the Lakeside community run deep, as she has been visiting since she was a child. Her great-grandparents, grandparents and parents were all Lakeside property owners who enjoyed bringing their families to visit.

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Fall leaves are summer’s way of saying goodbye, and with that goodbye comes fall leaf pick up. Lakeside will provide free fall leaf pick up from Monday, Oct. 21-Wednesday, Dec. 4, 2019. Click here to download the schedule. To ensure that your leaves are picked up in a safe and efficient manner, please note the following:

  • Leaves must be placed in long, narrow piles along the edge of the road. Ideally, piles should be roughly one foot into the road by 8 a.m. on the day of pick-up.
  • When raking, please rake onto the street pavement. If leaf piles are left in the yard or gravel areas, we cannot vacuum because the gravel will damage the machinery. The leaves must be raked onto the pavement so the truck can reach them. The Lakeside crew will follow the printed schedule, so do not hesitate raking the leaves onto the street pavement.

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Guest Blogger: Dakota Harkins, Lakeside Heritage Society Manager

Serving as a symbol of the community for 110 years, the Pavilion is easily the most recognized landmark in Lakeside Chautauqua. Although the building has endured many phases and facades overtime, the Pavilion has remained an integral part of the Lakeside experience.

1909 Pavilion
Built in 1909, the original Pavilion served as the first large-scale entrance to Lakeside. Two well-known builders, G. “Bert” Pettibone and Fred Dankelsfen, were awarded the contract to construct the building for $4,724. Read More

Staff Blogger: Mallory Glenn- Advancement & Communications Assistant

In addition to the critical upgrades that will take place at the Pavilion for this year’s #GivingTuesday project, we’re excited to announce that Lakeside will commemorate the Rev. Irwin and Janet Jennings by naming the Pavilion East Deck in their honor.

The Jennings, beloved longtime Lakesiders, have given much to the community. Irwin has served as Chair of the Lakeside Chautauqua Board of Directors and recently retired as the Dockside Worship Service Coordinator after 12 years. Janet has served as President of the Lakeside Women’s Club and has supported the Dockside Worship Service alongside her husband.

Irwin began his ministry 42 years ago. He first retired from Medina United Methodist Church in 2001 before joining Lakeside in 2006 to serve as the Dockside Worship Service Coordinator & Pastor in Residence. However, Lakeside has been a special part of his life for more than 55 years.

One of his first and fondest memories at Lakeside was his ordination at Hoover Auditorium in 1962. He continued visiting, and 11 years later, he and Janet purchased a summer cottage for their family. By 2015, the couple moved to Lakeside where they now live eight months of the year, spending the rest of their time in Sarasota, Florida near family.

Throughout Irwin’s Lakeside ministry, Janet and the Jennings’ daughter, Beth, have served alongside him as regular communion stewards and assisted with the setup of communion tables, paraments and elements for worshippers.

Together, Irwin and Janet have helped strengthen Lakesiders’ relationship with God and have made a significant, positive impact on the Lakeside community.

“The first few summers, I was always surprised when Lakesiders would approach me on the grounds and comment on the sermon or service,” said Irwin. “We wanted to develop and deliver a meaningful sermon and worship experience everyone could relate to.”

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The Pavilion is a visual focal point and highlight of the Lakeside Chautauqua experience. As one of the most photographed structures in the community and the hub for waterfront activities, it’s a building that Lakesiders easily recognize. Programs that take place here encompass all four Chautauqua pillars, bringing an array of activities.


The Religion pillar embraces the lakefront scenery as a meditative backdrop for reverence and reflection. The Pavilion offers Sunday morning Dockside Worship and evening Sunset Praise Services, Tuesday and Thursday evening Vespers, and weekly Men’s Bible Study meetings. It is also the home of the beloved carillon bells that can be heard across the lakefront.


The Education pillar gathers students of all generations at the Pavilion to expand their minds through gardening lectures and intergenerational science programs, such as Lake Erie Science and others.

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