The Hotel Lakeside Dining Room is recycling and composting for the first time in its history, part of a new initiative to improve Lakeside’s sustainability efforts. The restaurant is going through major changes this year, including new management, menus and sustainability goals.

Jim Switzer, Lakeside’s Senior V.P. of Municipal Services, explains that, “When Lakeside decided to manage the dining room, we felt it was a good fit and in line with our Board’s directives toward zero waste initiatives to include not only recycling of packaging but also food wastes.”

Switzer added that numerous restaurants within Lakeside already have been making an effort to recycle cardboard and now the Hotel Lakeside Dining Room is becoming a part of the recycling community. The restaurant goes through countless paper menus (a precaution taken due to COVID-19), glass bottles, aluminum cans, cardboard boxes and much more.

Throughout the month of July, the dining room has been measuring the amount of waste produced, an effort that will likely continue into early August. Every day, the Maintenance Crew comes by to pick up the recyclables, and they are taken to the bins by the South Gate. There are many things to consider when taking on the task of recycling, however, it is still one of the most accessible ways to reduce your environmental impact. Read More

Chip Richter tells us in one of his delightful tunes, “You’ll never be lost in Lakeside if you know this song.” The rhythm then picks up, and Chip sings the names of all the “tree” streets (plus Central!) beginning with Oak and proceeding to Poplar. It’s true—if you can remember Chip’s song, you can find your way.

Don’t you wish that finding our way on our spiritual journey was as simple as finding our way in Lakeside? Unfortunately, life often doesn’t work that way. Over time, our experiences—both good and bad—can obscure our vision until we lose track of where we are going.

As part of Lakeside’s commitment to nurturing mind, body and spirit, we are pleased to offer a program in Spiritual Direction. Spiritual Direction is a ministry that focuses on caring for the soul and helping searching souls to find their way. Read More

As a gift from Lakeside’s Religious Life pillar, complimentary Faith Walk Devotional booklets are available at the Administration Office, Waterfront/Information Center, hotels, Welcome Center and Fifth Street/South Gates.

Lakeside is a special place. It has become sacred ground for many through the years. We invite you to make a “spiritual pilgrimage” through Lakeside, stopping at the 16 places identified in the booklet.

Read the printed Scripture passages and reflections, and spend as much time as you choose in meditation and prayer. You may choose to go from place to place all at once, or go to one or more of these places each day. “Journey” alone, or take someone with you.

We hope this booklet will help you enjoy the beauty and tranquility of Lakeside, and that these meditations will enhance your spiritual life and energize you for the future.

Last December, more than 350 Lakesiders opened their hearts and generously gave to support enhancements to the Pavilion on #GivingTuesday! Your combined gifts as a community are appreciated and have truly made a significant impact along the waterfront this summer.

Your generosity has ensured the following improvements at the Pavilion:

  • An ADA accessible ramp to the West Deck. We’re extremely grateful to the Mark & Jane Grindley family whose generous support made this ramp possible
  • Stairs and structural rot has been repaired
  • The latticework on the outside structure is complete, beautifying the exterior of this beloved intergenerational hub
  • Wi-Fi capabilities have been rewired and enhanced to provide you with improved online access from your smart devices
  • The Pavilion clockworks have been replaced and now automatically sync to the carillon time. The new carillon system, which can be controlled onsite as well as from staff smart devices, has been installed. We are immensely grateful to Jan and Ron Dwyer and Norris Lenahan who continued their family’s legacy by stepping forward with a special and meaningful gift to replace the carillon and clock at the Pavilion
  • New LED exterior lighting has been installed, which will increase energy efficiency and improve sustainability

Read More

Lakeside Chautauqua is pleased to announce the re-opening of the Lakeside Laundromat under the new management of Jennifer and Ben Linville, and Sarah and Dan Rinaldo.

The Linvilles and Rinaldos are friends and long-time Lakesiders that decided to partner together to run the vacant business.

You may already be familiar with Jennifer and Ben’s other Lakeside business, Bluebird Café, which opened four years ago.

“My first day visiting Lakeside is when I fell in love with my now husband. I think that day set me up to understand that Lakeside is the most magical place in the world,” said Jennifer.

The Linvilles permanently reside in North Canton but stay in a seasonal campsite and very much look forward to spending summer once again in Lakeside. Read More