Staff Blogger: Gretchen Colon, Senior Vice President of Advancement & Communications

Over the last 10 years, infrastructure improvements have been made across the grounds to enhance your Lakeside experience.

With 47 structures and 10 miles of roadways, it’s imperative that we continue to make significant investments to maintain the grounds, historic buildings and gardens.

Some improvements are noticeable, such as the renovated miniature golf course, while others are structural, including the replacement of foundation at Hotel Lakeside.

This is the first of a series of articles to highlight the infrastructure investments Lakeside has made in the past and what’s to come this year. Let’s take a look at just some of the improvements you’ve already experienced.

hotel lakesideHotel Lakeside & Fountain Inn
At the Hotel Lakeside, many guests have enjoyed improvements to the Hotel Lakeside Dining Room, including the installation of ceiling fans, new flooring and artwork, refresh of paint to the interior walls and the addition of the beautiful courtyard for outdoor dining.

The foundation of this historic building has also been replaced and the roof repaired. New in-room amenities have also been added, including wireless Internet service for hotel guests. Our renovated Barbara Lane Memorial Suite offers the ultimate level of comfort with a waterfront view, spacious living area, kitchenette and upgraded amenities.

In the Fountain Inn, new LCD TVs, microwaves, refrigerators, bedding, towels, mattresses and wireless Internet service has been added for guests.

Chautauqua Hall, our hub for educational lectures, was refreshed for lifelong learners with new flooring, lighting, padded chairs, LCD TV screens and upgraded technology for lecturers.

Wesley Lodge
We’ve received positive feedback from groups on the interior remodel of Wesley Lodge, air conditioning and the addition of the service walls. New kitchen equipment has also enhanced the service and food preparation for events.

Rhein Center 1Rhein Center
With thousands of students participating in arts classes each summer, the Rhein Center’s classroom space expanded outdoors with the addition of six colorful tents. These tents have provided a canopy for creativity for all ages. The exterior of the Rhein Center was also refreshed and a colorful bike rack was installed.

Bradley Temple
Because of your support for youth programming during our first #GivingTuesday campaign, Bradley Temple received a new foundation, new landscaping, electrical upgrades and interior improvements, including new paint and carpeting.

Hoover Auditorium
A community gem, Hoover Auditorium has received technological upgrades over the years, such as an improved sound board, larger screens and projectors. Technology plays a critical role in producing and delivering many memorable performances and worship services, especially with sound reinforcement and amplification.

Large ceiling fans were installed to cool the auditorium, and a fresh coat of paint was added to the exterior doors and interior of the historic building.

Pegboard walls in the lobby were removed and replaced by gallery walls with a new mounting system to display artwork and photos more easily. Behind the information desk, a four-foot clear glass wall was built to give patrons an unobstructed view of Hoover’s magnificent proscenium arch and stage.

Pavilion & Dock
As two of our most popular spaces, Lakeside continually needs to care for and maintain the Pavilion and 700-foot dock. Over the last few years, a new roof has been added, dock repairs have been made and waterproofing was completed. New chairs were also purchased for the Dockside Worship Service.

Memorial GardenChautauqua Park & Memorial Garden
After acquiring land outside our perimeter fence, we established a fourth major park. Chautauqua Park has become a peaceful destination for many Lakesiders with the addition of a memorial garden, water features, trinity garden, walking trails and pavilion. More than 30 families have gathered for memorial services and placed loved ones’ ashes in the memorial garden. Our hope for these improvements is to continue paying it forward to our children, grandchildren and future generations.

Central Park
Central Park has received many upgrades over the years, including the addition of a state-of-the-art playground, renovated miniature golf course, sand volleyball court, tree trimming, maintenance and removal, and beautifully landscaped gardens.

The Grindley Playground at Central Park features 30 play activities, refreshed sandbox and swings, and white fence for safety.

As another successful #GivingTuesday campaign, donations were collected to renovate our miniature golf course. The course now includes six new challenges, greens, bumpers and beautiful landscaping,

Week_5_Patterson0786Ohio’s Most Beautiful Mile
We’ve put a great deal of effort into the beautification of our lakefront path to claim the title of Ohio’s Most Beautiful Mile. Green ash, toxic weeds and poison ivy that hug the rocks along the shoreline were removed and replaced with beautiful perennial gardens.

The lakefront path was resealed, and our maintenance staff repaired and painted more than 90 benches.  Seventeen historic lamp posts were restored to their original color and are now adorned with self-watering flower baskets. Conversation terraces were also added for you to relax and take in the beautiful views.

Orchestra Hall
Orchestra Hall has been entertaining movie-goers for more than 90 years. Major upgrades in this historic theater over the last 10 years have included a rebuild of the movie projector, acquiring a new digital projector and the installation of Dolby Stereo Sound. A new custom-made movie screen was also mounted to enhance the movie viewing experience.

Splash Park
To enhance the waterfront and provide a safe space for children to play, we installed recreational water play destination. The Splash Park includes a zero depth entry pool for young children, state-of-the-art splash pad with unique spray features, bench seating for parents and grandparents and a fence for safety.

Lakeside Business District
Over the last 10 years, the Lakeside Business District has received visual enhancements, such as awnings, street banners, trash receptacles and benches. New businesses and offices have also been added or expanded on, including The Fine Print bookstore, Lakeside Laundromat, Artists-N-Cahoots and the Legacy House. Repairs have been made to several structures in the downtown business district.

These are just some of the infrastructure improvements and investments we’ve been made over the last 10 years to enhance your Lakeside experience. In our series of articles, we’ll reflect on the infrastructure investments from the past and highlight what’s to come at Lakeside this summer. Check out our blog in the coming months for more information.