During the summer of 2015, residents and guests were asked to imagine what Lakeside could be in the years to come. Many needs were identified, but Lakesiders noted two major, short-term priorities; a community swimming pool and enhanced wellness programming. Health and wellness have always been integral to our mission of nurturing mind, body and spirit.

In response to overwhelming feedback, a Community Taskforce was assembled to study community pools and wellness centers in order to make a recommendation to Lakeside’s Board of Directors in February. Broad-based electronic surveys were conducted during the year to identify the most desired pool features, exercise classes and wellness education lectures.

The Taskforce assumed an aggressive timeline with a target goal of opening a pool and wellness center in 2017. The construction of a community swimming pool and wellness center is estimated to cost more than $2.5 million. The Taskforce also conducted extensive studies regarding the location of a pool and wellness center and recommended it be located on Sixth Street, just west of the Williams Tennis Campus.

Survey results also identified the top five aquatic classes/exercises demanded were:

  • lap swimming
  • swim lessons
  • H20 strength training
  • aqua fitness
  • water aerobics

The top five exercise classes were:

  • yoga
  • strength training
  • Pilates
  • Zumba
  • Silver Sneaker

The top five wellness classes were:

  • wellness cooking
  • children/youth health & wellness
  • nutrition
  • stress management
  • metabolism

The Taskforce is now drafting plans and construction documents for the community swimming pool and wellness center.

The need for a swimming pool and wellness center spans across all generations and has been a dream at Lakeside for many years. Experts tell us with certainty that the health of Lake Erie is in jeopardy, and that it will not change significantly in the next decade. It is vital that we provide an alternative place for swimming for our Conference attendees, residents and guests.

Uniting as a community, we can accomplish the building of a community swimming pool and wellness center that will benefit future generations, and we will continue to be a visible advocate for restoring the health of Lake Erie.