Each year, many Lakeside stories are shared by first-time guests, long-time Lakesiders, young families and those who are giving back to the community.

Each story expresses the values and practices that draw a community closer together. You may experience these values in your own hometown community.

A community of heart-filled welcome. After visiting, people are excited to share their Lakeside experience with new friends and invite them to participate in the Chautauqua program. Many Lakesiders take what they learned from their stay to teach a new hobby, interest or passion to a friend, which expands Lakeside’s enrichment and inspiration. They also introduce future spouses and continue to build family traditions around the Chautauqua community. 

A community of special gratitude. Lakesiders deeply express their appreciation and thanks for life itself. They love and appreciate the beautification of the grounds, parks and Ohio’s Most Beautiful Mile. Lakesiders give thanks for their Chautauqua experiences and the experiences their children and grandchildren have each season. They talk about Lakeside with such passion, care and genuine love.

A community of insights and truth. At Lakeside, people open their hearts to welcome strangers and new friends. They discuss thoughtful insights and reflections on cottage front porches. Lakesiders also share experiences together by participating in the Chautauqua pillars (religion, education, arts and recreation).

A community of generosity. Lakesiders dedicate countless hours to help, teach, love and nurture each other. They contribute their talent by serving on the Board of Directors or the Foundation Board. Lakesiders give their time, talents and treasures. They give of themselves deeply and gracefully.

First-time guests, long-time Lakesiders, young families, donors and volunteers identified these very practices in their Lakeside stories, which knit us together in this community. Lakeside Chautauqua is a special place that nurtures the mind, body and spirit.

Whether you visit for a day, week, summer or the entire year, celebrating joys, sharing thoughts and walking in times of trouble with friends, neighbors and family is what happens incommunities. These are the kind of communities that we seek.

Now it’s your turn to join The Front Porch conversation. What are you searching for in community? How are you living fully in your community?