Billy Graham Center Staff-  Jerry RootThe Rev. Dr. Jerry Root has dedicated his life’s work to the study of C.S. Lewis, the highly influential author of many books, including the beloved series The Chronicles of Narnia.

Visiting Lakeside Chautauqua as Preacher of the Week from July 5-10, the Rev. Dr. Root will share decades of his research about author C.S. Lewis with the community.

This week’s Preacher of the Week program is supported by Bob and Becky Brymer.

At the 10:30 a.m. Hoover Community Worship Service on Sunday, July 5, the Rev. Dr. Root will provide a message about Philemon.

In his sermon titled, “Growing in Christ by Sharing His Love,” he will weave his scholarly research about C.S. Lewis with a message about how a belief in God affects daily relationships with friends, family and loved ones.

Based on Paul’s letter to Philemon, the Rev. Dr. Root will help people of faith explore the dynamics of Christian life and how sharing the Christian faith may become more effective.

The Rev. Dr. Root will also provide the message at 10 a.m. Monday-Thursday for a combined Faith for Living Hour and Chautauqua Lecture Series morning lecture in Hoover Auditorium. Please note the change in time and location for this week’s Faith for Living Hour.

At 7:15 p.m. Tuesday, July 7, the Rev. Dr. Root will lead Vespers by the Lake, held at the Steele Memorial Bandstand.

Since 1970, the Rev. Dr. Root has been studying C. S. Lewis and a constellation of subjects related to Lewis. He has lectured about his passion for C.S. Lewis at 59 colleges and universities in 24 different countries and 32 U.S. states.

He also authored several books and poetry, as well as provided book reviews and analyzed film as part of his in-depth research on C.S. Lewis.

His most recent book, titled The Surprising Imag­ination of C.S. Lewis: An Introduction, was released in spring. He has also writ­ten several other books, in­cluding The Soul of Lewis: A Meditative Journey through Twenty-six of His Best Loved Writings, C.S. Lewis and a Problem of Evil: An Investi­gation of a Pervasive Theme and The Quotable C.S. Lewis.

In 1980, he was ordained by College Church in Whea­ton, Ill. The Rev. Dr. Root worked as a college pastor for 19 years at Granada Heights Friends Church in California and College Church.

He also served four years as Senior Pastor at Trinity Baptist Church in Santa Bar­bara, Calif. During his time in Santa Barbara, he was the Chaplain for the Santa Barba­ra County Fire Department.

The Rev. Dr. Root current­ly works as the Associate Pro­fessor and Associate Director of the Institute of Strategic Evangelism and the Director of the Evangelism Initiative at the Billy Graham Center of Evangelism at Wheaton Col­lege, in Wheaton, Ill.

He also teaches in the Christian Formation and Min­istry Department at Wheaton College, where he has taught since 1996.

He attended the Talbot Graduate School of Theolo­gy in La Mirada, Calif., and Open University in England to complete his doctorate in practical theology.

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