Guest Blogger: Bill Drackett, Lakeside Chautauqua Foundation Chair

Dear Lovers of Lakeside,

You have proven time and time again of your love for Lakeside Chautauqua. You continue to give time, talents and treasures. You have given, and it is noticed by more people than you think.

I encourage you to remember those special times in Lakeside – overnight stays, family dinners, nightly programs and walks. Here is where you can become a “Lover of Lakeside” in a meaningful way.

I invite you to give a gift during December to this special place. I also invite you to reach out to your family and friends with an email or Facebook post, and ask them to share memories and treasures for this place we all call Lakeside Chautauqua.

The world is not always a perfect place, and we all do what we can to help our churches and other charities.

But, I ask you to remember that Lakeside is our refuge from the world. The place that we all wish the rest of the world could be all the year – the healing power of a simple game of mini-golf laughing with family, a walk along Ohio’s Most Beautiful Mile, the sound of the Lakeside Symphony Orchestra on a summer evening, or the clink of shuffleboard discs with cheers and laughter.

Now that there is an endless array of Lakeside experiences rushing through your mind, I invite you to select any part of Lakeside that is important to you and your family and give a gift to support the signature Chautauqua program, historic buildings or beautiful grounds.

Next spring when you arrive in Lakeside with your family, remember, you can tell the story about how the community came together generously. Remember, we all did this.

Merry Christmas!