Today we remember those who lost their lives in the events that unfolded 13 years ago on September 11, 2001. Forever in our hearts.

This summer, 189 students learned ceramic technique in order to donate artisan cups to the Cup of Kindness fundraising project. The objective of the project has been three-fold:

Happy Labor Day weekend, Lakesiders! How are you celebrating Labor Day weekend at Lakeside this year? Visit, or read our latest e-newsletter for a complete list of programming available during Labor Day weekend… And don’t forget, Chautauqua Passes are offered for a reduced rate this weekend. See you soon!

Each year, many Lakeside stories are shared by first-time guests, long-time Lakesiders, young families and those who are giving back to the community. Each story expresses the values and practices that draw a community closer together. You may experience these values in your own hometown community. A community of heart-filled welcome. After visiting, people are excited to share their Lakeside experience with new friends and invite them to participate in the Chautauqua program. Many Lakesiders take what they learned from their stay to teach a new hobby, interest or passion to…

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