Guest Blogger: Dottie McDowell

In early May, an ordinary looking patch of gravel on Lakeside, Ohio’s waterfront bursts into glorious bloom. 

In 2016, US Fish and Wildlife donated a bronze sign to
Lakeside to help inform visitors about the Lakeside Daisies.

The bright Lakeside daisy (Hymenoxys herbacea) is one of Ohio’s most spectacular wildflowers. This long-lived perennial grows where few others can, on nearly barren limestone rock in full sunlight.

In early to mid-May, the bright yellow flowers of the Lakeside daisy adorn the otherwise bleak, sun-baked landscape of the Marblehead Quarry, the only natural population of Lakeside daisy in the US.  It is a federally threatened species and has been listed as endangered in Ohio since 1980.

Lakeside is fortunate to have its own patch of Lakeside daisies.  In 2000 Sid Foster established a bed of Lakeside Daisies next to the old pump house on Lakeside’s waterfront near Perry Park. 

The garden is in memory of his grandmother, Daisy Farley Foster, who was a Lakeside resident from 1913 to 1959. Dottie McDowell and other volunteers maintain the garden for all to enjoy.

If you are fortunate enough to be in Lakeside in late April or May, be sure to visit the garden and enjoy the spectacular vision of these beautiful flowers which thrive where the only other plants are very hardy weeds.