Guest Blogger: Kelly Cecora, Marketing/Digital Communications Intern

Looking for a fun project to do on a summer weekend? Why not start thinking about what updates you want to make to your Lakeside cottage this season.

We checked with the Lakeside Property Owners Association and the Historic Preservation & Design Review Board to compile a list of easy home fixes that can be done in just one weekend; so you can turn your cottage into a welcoming weekend getaway.


12. Trim Overgrown Trees & Shrubbery

  • Trim back any overgrown, tangled trees or out of control weeds. Keeping your landscaping looking neat will improve the overall look of your front yard or porch.


11. Replace Outdated or Rusty Hardware

  • New hardware is relatively inexpensive and can help make even the most historic cottages look new again.


10. Dress Up the Driveway

  • This is the summer to take your driveway or parking pad to the next level. Replace the gravel with nice paving stone or brick or make it sustainable by purchasing permeable pavers.


9. Swap Out Outdoor Light Fixtures & Bulbs

  • Outdoor lamps can get rusted and dirty. If there are any broken panes of glass in your outdoor light fixtures, make sure to replace the glass safely. Paint the fixtures with rust resistant spray paint and add bug repelling light bulbs for a refreshed look.


8. Repaint the Mailbox

  • Repainting your mailbox is another quick update that can help improve the curb appeal of your yard. Consider a fun pattern that goes with your cottage theme.


7. Restore Outdoor Furniture & Cushions

  • Make your summer cottage feel more inviting by updating your lawn or porch furniture. Give the wicker porch chairs a new coat of paint and replace any worn out or ripped cushions with new ones that show off a bright, summer pattern.


6. Repaint the Front Door or Shutters

  • Repainting a cottage front door or the shutters can immediately boost curb appeal. You can also paint your front door a bold color to add contrast to the façade of your cottage.


5. Add Outdoor Art

  • Visit any one of Lakeside’s local shops for some outdoor art. Many pieces in Lakeside are one-of-a-kind and can add a little something extra to your yard or garden.


4. Plant Flowers, Install Window Boxes or Hanging Planters

  • Flowers add instant color to any yard or front porch. For more color, try adding painted window boxes or hanging baskets. These flowers are only temporary and can be easily changed out every season.


3. Purchase a Lakeside Plaque

  • If you haven’t already, buy or update your historic Lakeside house numbers. You can purchase these from the Lakeside Heritage Society.


2. Don’t Forget the Flag

  • Every cottage isn’t complete without both an American flag and a Lakeside Chautauqua flag blowing in the breeze. You can purchase a Lakeside Flag at Artists-N-Cahoots.


1. Revitalize or Add a Cottage Sign

  • If you haven’t named your cottage, now is the time to do it. Many homeowners have signs on their front porch. Together with your family, give it the perfect name, create a new sign or repaint an old one.

Remember, any major changes to structure, material or architectural integrity must be approved by the Lakeside Chautauqua Historic Preservation & Design Review Board. Follow the link for a complete list of guidelines.

What projects are you planning on tackling this summer? How do you plan to improve your curb appeal? Tell us in the comments below.