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Filled with an abundance of species, Lake Erie is one the best fishing spots in Northeastern Ohio.

Many Lakeside Chautauqua visitors like to spend their vacation fishing. Whether you’re fishing along the shore or off the dock, you’re sure to catch a bite.

Here are the top five fish in Lake Erie that you can expect to catch during your time fishing at Lakeside:


1. Walleye

  • Walleye is a medium-sized freshwater fish, also called a Pickerel. It averages 14″-22″ in length and weighs an average of 2-4 lbs.

2. Yellow Perch

  • The Yellow Perch is in the same family as the Walleye but have 6-8 dark vertical bars on their sides. Lake Erie Perch are not big fish. They may grow to be 5″-12″ inches in length and can weigh up to 4 pounds.

3. Smallmouth Bass

  • The smallmouth bass is a freshwater fish in the Sunfish family. Smallmouth bass in Lake Erie average between 15″-22″ and weigh between 2-6 pounds.

4. Steelhead

  • Steelhead migrate out into Lake Erie and spend their summers in the cooler part of the lake before returning to streams during the fall through spring. Lake Erie Steelhead typically average 25″ in length and weigh 5-6 pounds.

5. Bluegill

  • Bluegill, also known as Bream, inhabit virtually all lakes, rivers and streams in the Lake Erie region. These fish are typically around 6″-10″ long, and weigh between 1/4-1/2 pound. Although colors vary, all Bluegill have a black spot on their ear flap.


But don’t forget your Ohio fishing license! Lakeside Chautauqua does not sell fishing licenses and requires all guests who plan on fishing to have one.

Where is your favorite place to fish in Lakeside? What is the biggest fish you have every caught? How big was it? Tell us in the comments below.